Normally I'd Not Bother, But...'s a cause close to my heart.

I'm sick and tired of being run off the road, nearly run over and terrorised by idiots driving 4WD's in the city streets, so I've decided to open my own little Facebook group called South Australians Wanting To Ban Those Pieces of Crap 4WD's From Adelaide. The description says, "Sick and tired of seeing those shitty Burnside Buses, or the Norwood Cabbies driving along the city streets spewing pollution, causing accidents because they can't bloody drive anyway and you can't see past them when turning. I'm not the only one who's sick of being stuck behind one of these clueless twats who think they rule the roads so let's get together and raise numbers to have ALL 4WD's banned from the streets of Adelaide. Generally it's one person driving them, no passengers outside of a gay Poodle and they're utterly useless. And let's face it, only arrogant wankers drive them."

In all seriousness, there's no need, nor any logical reason why large so called 'people movers' should be on the streets of a city with one clown behind the wheel of an empty car. We catch the bus into work and walk home (hence the weight loss) and the amount of times we see these things barrelling along with total disregard for anyone else on the road is incredible. It's almost as if once you buy one you have to have a total brain removal to drive one, and naturally, the less members of the family the better. And let's not even look at how the mothers clog up the streets near local schools, double and triple parking, stopping in the middle of the road, just to enable them to pick up ONE bloody kid.

Get real. It's time these vehicles were banned from city and suburban streets completely. Personally I'd like to see a petrol tax on them - raise the cost to $2.50 per litre and see how much of the environment you'd save, not to mention the reduction in carbon emissions.

So if you like this cause then get behind it and join up now - you don't even have to live in Adelaide. If I get enough people involved I might take it further.


Hear. Hear. Well spoken Bruce.
Anonymous said…
You sound really angry. You'ld be a lot happier and content if you owned one of these.

Don't knock it 'till you try it.
Daniel Best said…
Why hello Mr Anon. Me? Angry? Never. I'm happier and more content than I ever have been. And why would I want something that costs an average wage to keep on the road? And turns me into a rude idiot?

Nah, I'm happy and content because I get out of the vehicles and actually walk to and from work and thus am fit and might want to try the same thing.
Daniel Best said…
Hello Mr Anon. So do you think if I bought a 4WD I could be a complete wanker then? I guess if nothing else having a 4WD will enable me to be rude without ever having to publish my name. Thanks, ya cretin. Back to running over little children's pets for you, laughing all the way.

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