Blasts From The Past

We've just spent the bulk of the morning sorting through boxes of material that have been in our storage unit for the past few years. In some cases the boxes haven't been opened in over ten years or more so you can imagine the amount of pure rubbish that we're throwing out and also the delight in finding items thought to be long lost and/or stolen by ex spouses and/or casual fling partners (moreso in my case).

One of the finds was a cache of newspapers dating back to the 1940s. I began to rummage through them looking for old Bluey & Curley strips for Alan Weiss and was entranced by the advertisements of the era. These three ads were taken from the one newspaper, dated October 30, 1947. The first two ads instantly reminded me of those fake ads that you see in issues of Viz (and isn't it funny how some of those 'ads' have found themselves in emails claiming to be the real thing? As if doctors ever advised anyone to get fit by eating lard) and the last ad is, well, kinda fruity in it's own way. Even Kat thought it was more than slightly bent, but then that was in a time where being gay meant that you were just really happy and carefree.

For what it's worth - I've never heard of Turf darts, but it must have been heartening for fathers to know that they could share not only their jocks (see below) but also a life riddled with lung cancer and other fatal diseases. Telling someone you're smoking 'Turf' now might have an all new meaning.


Anonymous said…
In Greek, "Aspro" means white. I knew a guy who wasn't Greek, but dating a girl that was Greek, and wanted to impress her. He bought a white car, and for his personalized license plate, wanted to get "ASPRO", but it was already taken. So, he got the next best thing, "ASSPRO". True story. How the state of California allowed that I have no idea.
George "The Stooges"

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