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Original Art Stories: Arthur Adams

I'll be honest, I have no agenda in posting this cover other than I've always liked it. It's currently on the net for sale, but I can't recall where (if anyone knows feel free to post the link and I'll add it) and it's selling for around $9,999, that's $10,000 to anyone else. Good luck. I'd love to buy it and if I had a spare 10k hanging around I expect that I'd be very tempted indeed.

Arthur Adams has always been one of my favourite artists. I'm not sure what it is about his art that I like more, the detailed line-work, his ability to make the characters look normal (ie: no basketball sized breasts here) or just his general ability to draw other than merely swipe or trace photos from swimsuit magazines. When I first saw his work I thought Michael Golden, but he soon went beyond that and developed into a powerhouse which, I'll freely admit, is an acquired taste to most people. In a climate where the comic book industry are turning their ba…

What's Worse Than Erasing Art? Inventing Quotes! Part II

Following up from my previous entry about the 'Vinnie Colletta' site. The quote attributed to Gene Colan is a total fake. Here's the explanation from Gene himself, "I never said this. I 'have said when asked that Colletta was fast and it seemed to me he didn't care whether he kept things in or not. I was specifically referring to a job I did where I drew the Champs Elysee. When the story was published, it was gone. The quote below goes way further than anything I'd say negatively about anyone." The site itself now boasts the following message, (bad spelling and grammar left intact) "I have decided to suspend this site indefinately. This evening I had a 1 hour chat via internet with a person who convinced me that 4 of the quotes posted to this site were inaccurate and that 3 others were edited not by me in a onesided manner. I need to investigate the source of the inaccurate quotes which were represented to me as accurate and also verify the ful…

What's Worse Than Erasing Art? Inventing Quotes!

Weird things inside the world of on-line 'reporting'. By now you might or might not be aware of a web-site supposedly set up to 'promote' Vinnie Colletta, or rather this site exists only to print negative things said about Vinnie. So far the site has comments and interviews from a number of people, including Gene Colan, Curt Swan, Mark Evanier, Alex Toth and a host of others, including Dick Giordano. We'll get back to the latter quote in a few minutes because that's the one that's the most interesting.

The blog itself went on hiatus with an odd explanation. The reason given was as follows, "An influential member of the comic book community has asked that I stop posting this material. I have agreed to suspend my plans pending a discussion with him at the San Diego Con next week. Following that event, I will announce future plans." Reading this I couldn't help but wonder why the author was asked to stop, and by whom. This weekend I noticed more c…

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