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Potted Review: The Flash Companion

224 page Trade Paperback - by Keith Dallas

Let me be upfront with this review - I bought my own copy. Even though I am listed in the credits, and Keith Dallas and Jason Sacks both asked me a lot of questions about Ross Andru and quoted from my Partners For Life volume, I have not and do not expect to, receive a free copy. So this isn't being paid for in any way, shape or form.

Now that's out in the open, God, what a book! Of late there's been a sheer glut of such 'companion' books coming out from various publishers, TwoMorrows appear to be leading the way with them. The quality of them vary somewhat, some are good, some are light on detail and some appear to be merely excuses to print decent scans of original art, not that there's anything wrong with that. This companion is everything that anyone could want in such a volume, it's informative, well written, entertaining, features high quality art and even better, leaves the reader wanting a …

Original Art Stories: The Ruined Breyfogle

I first brought attention to this ugly creature last year when it surfaced on eBay and it's come back to haunt us all again. It's almost an annual event really. I'll run through it again just so that people all know what this abortion really is. Rather than rant all over again I'll just copy what I wrote back in May 2007. I first became aware of this art destruction early in 2007 when I came across one of Norm Breyfogle’s cards on eBay. The card was promoted as being drawn and coloured by Norm, something that made me think. I posted a message on Norm’s forum asking about the veracity of the piece as I was under the impression that all of his trading card was simply line art – black and white. At the time Norm responded, “I didn't color that, I think it's a really stupid idea to hand color an original that the original artist didn't intend to be colored, and it looks like a crummy coloring job, anyway.

“If it is the original, whoever colored it might've r…

Original Art Stories: The Lost Falcon

The pages you're seeing here are all that remain from an aborted Falcon mini-series that Jim Owsley (years before he changed his name and became Christopher Priest) and Brian Postman were assisigned to produce in 1982. According to Brian note these are all the pages that he drew for the series. It was after he brought these pages in that he was offered Spider-Woman by Mark Gruenwald - and it's not that hard to work out why, I'm sure he'd have been offered work on the splash page alone, it's that good. Sadly the series wasn't produced with Postman on art duties, the script would be shelved for a further two years before Marvel dusted it off and handed it over to Paul Smith. According to Priest's web-site, "When the pencils came back, everybody in the office fell over themselves gawking at Smith's pencils, but nobody read the story. So Smith got discovered but Priest didn't." The series did well enough for Marvel to commission Priest to prod…

Original Art Stories: Avengers #1; Real Or Recreation, Part VI

Here it is, in the flesh, so to speak, the Avengers #1 splash pictured at the recent San Diego Comic Book Convention (which the other Daniel Best was present at, but not me). I was pointed towards this image the following comments that accompany it via the John Byrne forum. The comments, in part, read, "For those wondering, yes, the Avengers page looks incredibly clean in person (possibly professionally cleaned, but I did not bother to ask as I'd never be buying something like that) and it does have the Marvel copyright stamp on the back of it. I think more of this truly historic, vintage artwork is going to keep coming on the market as more and more of it gets traded openly, rather than private deals between collectors who don't want anyone to know what they have. At least we get to see more artwork that way." Interesting.

The more I think and look at this auction the more I wonder about it. The page appears to be the real deal, enough collectors and experts have put…

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