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Original Art Stories: Gene Colan: The Auction Begins

From the blog of Clifford Meth. The auction has begun.

Now on Ebay, Invincible Iron Man (Marvel Pocket Book) cover vol. 1 "The Tragedy and the Triumph'' published by Panini under license from Marvel Characters Inc. The cover has just been published in the U.K. Art is by Jon Haward.

The following are on Cliff's blog, you can bid by scooting on over and sending in your bid directly.
The Puppet, The Professor and the Prophet - hardcover signed by J.M. DeMatteis (only released in the U.K.)
Preacher Salvation trade paperback - signed by Garth Ennis
The Pro comic - signed by Garth Ennis
The Boys #16, 17 and 18 (3 comics) - signed by Garth Ennis
Streets of Glory #1-3 (3 comics) - signed by Garth Ennis
JLA Hitman #1-2 (2 comics) - signed by Garth Ennis
Dan Dare #1 - signed by Garth Ennis
Wormwood tbp - signed by Garth Ennis
The Uncanny Dave Cockrum hardcover (signed/numbered $40 value)
Stan Lee autographed photo
Excelsior: The Amazing Life of Stan Lee (autobiography) - signed by Stan Lee

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, An Update II

This just in.

Print at Wizard World Philadelphia kicks off series of Colan-centric products

LOS ANGELES (May 22, 2008)-Artist Gene Colan has been one of comics' favorites for a staggering seven decades. Now, as Gene is suffering illness, some of the characters Gene worked on are coming to save the day.

The Hero Initiative in conjunction with Marvel Comics is launching a series of Gene Colan-themed products, starting with a limited edition print of Gene's cover art to Invincible Iron Man #1, available at Wizard World Philadelphia, May 30-June 1. Only 200 prints will be available at the show at a cost of $25 each. Net proceeds from sales of these prints by The Hero Initiative will benefit Gene Colan. Another 50 prints will be available at a later date, with plans to have them autographed by both Gene Colan and Stan Lee.

Also at Wizard World Philadelphia, guest writers and artists at the Marvel Comics booth will be signi…

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan: The Auction

Clifford Meth has started to post information about the Gene Colan Benefit Auction, along with images. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest charity auctions of it's type with contributions from all walks of life. Norm Breyfogle has emailed me to tell me that he's contributed material from "The Danger's Dozen, Of Bitter Souls, and sketchbook stuff and a Batman sketch," so you know that'll be worthwhile. I've sent over a hardback edition of Andru & Esposito: Partners For Life, signed by both Mike Esposito and myself, along with the original art used for the front's piece, which you can see here.

Brian Postman has teamed up with Dave Simons and contributed the incredible piece of art that you see immediately above. Walt Simonson has sent over that amazing new piece that heads this post and as for the illustration phrase: Neal Adams inking Gene Colan.

A list of people who've donated items for this auction includes the following: N…

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, An Update

Just posting an update on Gene, which hopefully will quash some rumours.

First off - he isn't in hospital, nearly dead. He's resting at home with his family. He's still in a bad way, but the reports of his death, and near death, are very much exaggerated. If anyone wants to contribute a tribute to Gene then email or post a comment. Gene is seeing them all and they've really lifted his spirits. I'd also like to point out that, despite the general mis-information and assumptions of a few people Adrienne asked me to post my initial message of support to Gene, with his postal address for letters. So, to the all too few people who think I've done something wrong, get over it. It's not a 'scoop', it's all about helping Gene (plus, sad to say, some people only want to write eulogies). Now that's all I'm gonna say on that.

Second - Marvel have agreed to assist Gene. No amount has been settled on as yet and understandable any such settlement/offe…

Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, Part VI, A Living Tribute, Part VI

First up, excellent news about Marvel, via Clifford Meth.

"I am delighted beyond delighted to announce that Marvel Entertainment has made clear its intentions to help Gene and Adrienne Colan.

"In a warm conversation this morning, executives at Marvel offered Adrienne and I some of the many things that they plan to do for the Colans to provide immediate and long-term relief. I will provide the details soon."

Keep checking Clifford's blog as he has all the details about the auctions and how to help Gene in a financial manner. So far Cliff has noted the following as offering support for Gene, in the way of a donation, or something more substantial:
Neal Adams, Doug Braithwaite, Norm Breyfogle, Randy Bowen, Ed Brubaker, Adam-Troy Castro, Paty Cockrum, Peter David, Rufus Dayglo, Tom DeFalco, J.M. deMatteis, Pat DiNizio, Harlan Ellison, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith, Joe Kubert, Erik Larsen, Bob Layton, Jae Lee, Jim Lee, Stan Lee, David Lloyd, Leah Moore, Albert Moy, M…

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