Vale 2008, Happy New Year

In the end I can't wait for tomorrow, but as we all know all too well, tomorrow never comes. There's only today and yesterday. I thought about doing an end of year wrap up, but frankly who really cares? Not I.

But as I find it hard to shut up, I'll say this - thanks to all those who read this blog during the year, including those people from Tanzania, Nepal, Qatar, Cameroon, Lebanon, Reunion, Bahrain, Maldives, Mauritius, Namibia, Armenia, Burkina Faso, Andorra, Belize, Cambodia, Kuwait, Netherlands Antilles, Georgia, Luxembourg, Senegal, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Oman who visited my blog at least once.

Thanks to the following people for making my year a damn sight better than it could have been - Norm Breyfogle, Alan Weiss, Alan Kupperberg, Dave Simons, Bob Almond, Tim Townsend, Jimmy T, Bob Shaw, Tony Isabella, Paul Ryan, Sal Velluto, Rob Allen, Mike Esposito (sorry Herman Munster, we are talking again), Brian Postman, Bryan Stroud, Fred Hembeck, Alan Grant, Will Murray, Bill Schelly - for writing the powerhouse book of the year in my eyes, George Travlos, Steven Bove, Michael Netzer, Clifford Meth and a host of others - if I've missed you it doesn't mean I don't care, just that I'm getting forgetful and don't want to be here all night writing.

Thanks to my close pals - you guys know who you are, Chad, Steph, Tobias, Stevie, Michelle, The Good Doctors, Anastasia, Kat and the rest, you come close to trashing my place every second Friday in various amounts. Love you all.

Our second families in Melbourne.

Our families everywhere, scattered across the country and in some cases, the globe.

We lost a few this year. Steve Gerber, Jim Mooney, Michael name but three. Much sadness, especially with Jim. I've been dealing with that pain by listening to his voice on tape of late and I've realised that by doing that he'll never really leave us.

If I have to point at anything I'd say that this year is best described as such.

Favourite interview: Fred Hembeck. And anything by Alan Kupperberg.

The long overdue and about bloody time article: MacArthur in Terowie.

Proudest moments: Making a difference to Gene Colan and helping Clifford Meth get a shit load of cash and love over to the man. May, June and July were manic but once I broke that story, with Adrienne Colan's blessings, things went at a rapid rate of knots - my fingers were in the pies, and if you doubt me just ask Cliff.

The Inkwell Awards. What more can I say? I'm amazed that Bob Almond has allowed me along for the ride and I'm loving every second of it.

Biggest controversies: Where do I start? The 'reveal' of Marvels use of modern day artists to redraw material passed off as original in the Masterworks is as good a place to start as any. And to think, there's some people on the Masterworks forums who believe that democracy is alive and well.

Best books: Flash Companion came second, the stunningly brilliant Joe Kubert biography is the one book I've bought this year that I'd not part with in a blue fit.

Favourite story broken: Oh, easily it'd have to be the most recent. Norm Breyfogle drawing Archie is now all over the internet. Other sites are claiming it as their own but Norm, and this is why I love the man, made sure that I got the scoop before all others. A close second is the first ever printing of all the original art for the lost Superman story by Dave Gibbons and company, complete with commentary.

There's a lot more, but then I said I'd not be doing this kind of thing. Such is life I guess.

Have a safe new years eve and may the best of 2008 be the worst of 2009, and may 2009 be the year we all shine like stars.


Bob Almond said…
And here I've been saying "why would Danny ever want to continue hanging around with THIS motley crew?!"

Heh, heh.

Thanks, Dannyboy!
Jasper said…
... and the best comics blog by someone who may-or-may-not be Stan Lee... Stan's Soapbox!


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