These Are Some Of My Favourite Things

I can't help but love these two items. I've always had a love for movies, old movies and in particular the old Universal Horror films and Marx Brothers, along with The Three Stooges, but that's a different story (Oh, growin' a bit of brain are ya?). Imagine my surprise and sheer delight when I picked these two gems up in Melbourne during my last two visits.

The first is an original Australian press sheet announcing the release of the 1941 classic The Wolf Man. This was the film that launched Lon Chaney Jr (the studios eventually dropped the Jr part) into the horror spotlight, although he had made a fair few movies before this and would arguably give his finest performances in non-horror films such as Of Mice & Men and High Noon. Still, without the exposure that the Universal Horror films brought him he might have remained a footnote in cinema, the son of a horror great.

The press sheet, although marred by two holes punched in the side, is in surprisingly good condition. It's double sided, has a good synopsis of the film, along with details of the cast (Dracula himself: Bela Lugosi, along with the Invisible Man Claude Rains) and the making of the movie. There's details on what points should be used to promote the movie, along with reproductions of posters - and God wouldn't be good to have one of those handy!

The back. Here's where you'll find details on how to promote the movie: a Horror Contest, a Challenge Board (place a sandwich board out the front of the cinema asking 'CAN YOU TAKE IT?" - a hoot!) along with midnight screenings, book tie-ins and more. Very nice item and I'm trying to work out a way to frame or display this so that both sides can be viewed. Perspex perhaps?

This one will be easy to frame. It's an original ad clipped from the Chicago Tribune circa 1928-1929. Groucho's mid '70s book, Grouchophile, actually reproduces the ad and states that it was the only time that Groucho, a more famous smoker of cigars that Bill Clinton, ever promoted the smoking of cigarettes. According the book (and I might be getting my Marx mixed up as this following bit might well be in Anobile's earlier and far more controversial Marx Brothers Scrapbook - I'm going to have to find all my books) Groucho never smoked the product, but the price was right.
The best aspect of this ad is that it's huge, but on the downside it's clipped very close to the borders, still, mustn't complain. Damn happy to have them. There's far more to life than comical books ya know.


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