Original Art Stories: The Ghosts Of Avengers Annual #10 , Part II

At a NY show I brought my trade of "The Greatest Battles of the Avengers" (which included the aforementioned Avengers Annual#10) to Joe Rubenstein to sign for his work on the reprinted within Avengers Annual#7. He noticed the Michael Golden drawn tale and said that he ghosted a page in it for Armando Gil and asked me if I could find it. I took it back to my table and after perusing the story's inked art styles I found it, the page you pointed out in your column. He asked me how I knew and I told him that I recognized the way he inked small feathering strokes. He acknowledged that he doesn't ink those that way anymore, interestingly enough, and proceeded to sign that page in my trade. No prize for my win but I was simply happy to have guessed correctly.

As for ghosting and or assisting among professionals, lots of ink artists do it and I was not an exception. I assisted/ ghosted for the following over the years w/o credit: Vince Russell (Cable over Ian Churchill and Thunderbolts#1! over Mark Bagley), Mike Oeming (Ninjak over Neil Vokes), Norman Lee (Magic: The Gathering over Pop Mhan), and a lot for Mark McKenna during the dry mid-90's (Magnus, Robot Fighter, Tangent's Metal Men, JLA: World Without Grown-ups, and Vext, all over Mike McKone, Teen Titans over Phil Jimenez, Nightwing over Don Kramer, Magnus over Hannibal King, and Aquaman over Jim Calafiore. And I had some established inkers ghost or assist me occasionally w/o credit such as Mark McKenna (over Sal on Black Panther), Jim Amash (over Leonard Kirk on Ultragirl), Phyllis Novin (over Sal on Black Panther), Warren Martineck (more stuff than I can list but lots of BP was among them), Steve Montano and Aaron McClellan (both over Sal on Bloodshot), Keith Williams (over Steven Butler on Ultraforce), Jeff Albrecht (over Mshido on Batman Chronicles), and Sal Velluto (over himself on assorted pages).

This info is usually kept on the downlow but trust me, everyone does it at one point to help someone or help for themselves.

--Bob Almond


Bob Almond said…
And I forgot to mention that I'm, as we speak, ghosting for Sal on The Phantom for Egmont Publishing.

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