Facebook....Yeah, Ok, Why This Long?

I've had a few people ask why have I not been on Facebook before and I've always given the same answers - 1] I don't have the time to devote to everyone there and 2] the other half's ex is a stalking arsehole. Now in order to not have to keep explaining this I've decided to throw it out there for all to see.

How much of a stalker is her ex? Well we have a restraining order out against him, which he's breached three times in the past two years. The last time he tracked her down via her Facebook account, which we promptly canceled. So now we share the one Facebook account, under my name, and it's closed off. That is you can visit it, but you'll have to be a pal to see the whole lot. Sorry about that - blame the 47 year old cretin who has no job, lives in a boarding house, is a fantasist and who, if only he'd been home when I visited with a baseball bat this wouldn't be an issue, finds he can't let go after all these years.

How much of a loser is this guy? One example only - he demanded that we provide him with DNA from a deceased cat that they both owned so he could get it cloned. Said he had the lab lined up in California ready to go. Ah screw it - he says he has a million dollar house but is on the dole. He can't hold a job. He has no life. He's attempted to blackmail my other half both for money and sex (promised her $120,000 if she'd do the dirty with him - at the time he'd been evicted for non-payment of rent) more than once. He's sent out rude and obscene emails. He's failed to pay any bills and left her with an amount that's taken us both quite a few years to clear. He lays false reports about her to her workplace, who now just laugh at the little prick. He's lied about her, attempted to smear her reputation and done his best to make her life hell. I could go on and on but you get the hint - he's a wanker of the highest proportions and needs to fall beneath a bus. Hopefully after his last stint in the cells (only last week) he'll get the hint and vanish before I finally lay hands on him.

I've never understood the mentality though. Someone leaves then let them go - chasing them and harassing them isn't going to make them come back. But then with the mental issues this guy has, well, nothing in his world is the same as ours. Dave Simons recently told me, living well is the best revenge. I've seen where the stalker lives, I know where and how we live, and I'll say this - we have the best revenge of them all.

In the meantime, understand why the Facebook is limited as it is for the time being.


dave166 said…
I got quoted! Oh well, it's an old saw. Good luck with never being bothered by that dipshit again. If he shows his face you can always have him tossed right back in the slammer, if the laws in Australia are anything like they are here.

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