Hello Marvel, DC, Dark Horse & Everyone Else: A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Hire Norm Breyfogle

As people might, or might not, be aware for the better part of 2007 and 2008 I've been working on a biography/art book about Norm Breyfogle. In a situation that appears to be the norm (no pun intended) these days the publisher, after commissioning the book and allowing me to start work, with contracts of intent in place, has gone belly-up leaving me with a book that's 90% finished. More on the publisher down the track (I've not forgotten you guys and I'm still pissed off about how you've treated not only me but others, especially Alan Weiss) as they've gone under in a very poor fashion.

One of the perks of working on such a project is the art that you see. Over the past few years I've become an avid collector of Norm's art, to the point where I'm almost exclusively buying his art and no-one elses. I still get the occasional piece and there's always some artists that I'll buy (like Dave Simons!) when it's affordable and there's cash to play with (lately - not as much as I'd like). In the process of this project I've bought a few hundred pages of Norm Breyfogle. I kid you not. I'd hazard a guess and say that I have the largest private collection of Norm's art in the world, and it's growing with the passage of each and every week. I now have art that amazes even Norm - always a good thing.

So if there's a publisher out there wanting to consider a fully authorised biography on one of the best artists of the past twenty or so years, then get in touch. Art wise you'll be blessed and blown away. In the meantime I ask the question, again, only this time visually - what will it take for a major publisher to place Norm on a regular book once more? I already know the answer, but I'd love for others to start asking as well.

Even better - Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. In the meantime here's the proof of the pudding.

Anarky #3 cover art
Red Bulletin Crushed Ice cover painting. 2008. Be it black and white or colour, Norm is more than capable of producing the goods.
Metaphysique promotional art
Does It Scare You? 12 Stone Toddler album painting. 2007. Oh, yeah, did I mention? Norm can paint too...
Thing commission. Coloured by Tom Smith, hello Marvel?
Arcade Fire illo, Mojo Magazine, 2007. So good I expect that the band want it.
Bob Dylan, Mojo Magazine, 2006. Dylan wishes he looked this good. This is as good, if not better than any album cover Dylan has produced since the 1970s.
Batman: Birth Of The Demon cover art. Paint. You need to see this to believe it.
Prime #9, unpublished cover art. Tell me who's pumping out covers this good these days?
Detective Comics #610. As much as we all adore Jim Lee, honestly, has there been a more stylistic artist drawing Batman who could pump out work of this quality, on time, month after month?
Superman style guide, circa late 19080s. Inked by Dennis Janke.
Black Panther #30 pencils. To use the old cliche, this just explodes off the page. I know inkers that'd sell their souls to the devil to ink pencils like these.
The Phantom. Pencils. Hello King Features?
The Phantom, inked by Joe Rubinstein. Is that a cover shot or not?
Batman Dreamland. Cover painting
Amy Winehouse, Mojo Magazine 2007
Man O'War, character design, 2002. You see, Norm can create as well as merely illustrate...
The Flash. Unlike a lot of other artists when Norm is called upon to draw children he actually gets the proportions right.
Batman #460 preliminary art for the cover. Even Norm's rough preliminaries are more finished than most people's 'full pencils'.

You know, I could do this all day, but I'll stop for now. If you're out there and want a book on Norm, or a book by Norm, then stop sitting there wondering what you have to do to make it happen, just email and let's make it happen. Not that Norm is desperate for work, let me tell you right now when he announces his next project it's gonna blow a lot of people clear out of the water. But hey, wouldn't it be cool to see Norm's art once again gracing the pages of say Batman...?


Anonymous said…
If this book gets published, you can put me down for five copies at a minimum.
George "The Stooges"
Anonymous said…
Is the book only to include Norm's published work? I'd love for my commission to be included..i think it's that good.

Mike Cross
Rafael Domene said…
I hope that book finally gets published.

As for Norm Breyfogle... for me it is really very difficult to understand why DC and Marvel aren't hiring him to do some work. Specially DC... wouldn't it be great having Norm drawing again some Batman?

Anyway, if they pass I hope that any other big publisher hires Norm. I would like to see some Star Wars, Conan or Red Sonja comics drawn by him...
Damn. I have to admit something rather embarrassing now. Norm Breyfogle are one of those artists that I can never quite place.

I know he's been big, and I know he's been good, and I know he's famous, but I can never quite figure out what it is.

But then I've read your blog, and seen these, and now I know...

So Mr Breyfogle was the one that painted the excellent, EXCELLENT Birth of the Demon? Damn.

Consider me enlighted.

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