What's Worse Than Erasing Art? Inventing Quotes! Part II

Following up from my previous entry about the 'Vinnie Colletta' site. The quote attributed to Gene Colan is a total fake. Here's the explanation from Gene himself, "I never said this. I 'have said when asked that Colletta was fast and it seemed to me he didn't care whether he kept things in or not. I was specifically referring to a job I did where I drew the Champs Elysee. When the story was published, it was gone. The quote below goes way further than anything I'd say negatively about anyone." The site itself now boasts the following message, (bad spelling and grammar left intact) "I have decided to suspend this site indefinately. This evening I had a 1 hour chat via internet with a person who convinced me that 4 of the quotes posted to this site were inaccurate and that 3 others were edited not by me in a onesided manner. I need to investigate the source of the inaccurate quotes which were represented to me as accurate and also verify the full text of others which came from the same source. Several others were transcribed by me directly from recordings of convention panels or from others sources that are definately accurate but I was convinced that this was not the proper way to make my case against the man Neal Adams called the worst inker ever in comics and to pay the way for a book I will publish in Spring of 2009. I apologize to anyone who was misquoted and I thank the individual who set me straight. Watch this space for further announcements. "

Somehow that just doesn't ring true. According to Mark Evanier, "The Bob Oksner one is from a published interview but one that contained so many obvious transcription errors that I wouldn't trust it. Some of the others are third-hand quotes...like the Gil Kane one about Colletta being his "second favorite inker" is something Erik Larsen quotes Gil as saying. I think the Marie Severin one is something that someone claims they heard her say...so it's not to be trusted."

Where does it leave us? I expect that the blogger in question will now go and lay low for a while and will pop back up with more Colletta hatred and fabrications eventually. All I can say is that anyone mining the site for quotes beware - nothing on that site can be trusted as being truth. And I'd not be rushing out the door to buy any book that the blogger in question decides to 'publish'. Thankfully the site is now down for the duration, but it's a shame that he hasn't come out of the closet, so to speak, but there's still time.


Tim said…
You know, DB, I kind of thought VC was not a bad inker. Those Thor stories are some of my all time favorites. I really don't care much about the comics of today, but, like yourself I was also a 20th century boy and totally loved the comics of the 60's-70's. Would those stories have been better if Joe Sinnot had inked them? Who knows. I kind of liked the pen work of Vinnie's inks over the brush work of JS on FF for the Thor book as it kind of gave it a classical look. What I can't get over is that all of these years later people are still talking about this stuff. I guess it just shows how much these stories were loved.
BTW- I'm going to be going to Cleveland in the near future and if you can dig up that old address of JS & JS I'll take a pic of that house. That is, if it still exists.
Hugo Rosales said…
Man, who wouldve thought after all these years some bad inking would still cause a ruckus.
every time I bring up vinnie on my blog i get hate mail. the problem here is not that vinnie hacked his way through an issue of Karate Kid by ernie chan, its that he hacked his way through Jack frikkin' Kirby. Change an icon and you'll be talked about for decades.

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