What's Worse Than Erasing Art? Inventing Quotes!

Weird things inside the world of on-line 'reporting'. By now you might or might not be aware of a web-site supposedly set up to 'promote' Vinnie Colletta, or rather this site exists only to print negative things said about Vinnie. So far the site has comments and interviews from a number of people, including Gene Colan, Curt Swan, Mark Evanier, Alex Toth and a host of others, including Dick Giordano. We'll get back to the latter quote in a few minutes because that's the one that's the most interesting.

The blog itself went on hiatus with an odd explanation. The reason given was as follows, "An influential member of the comic book community has asked that I stop posting this material. I have agreed to suspend my plans pending a discussion with him at the San Diego Con next week. Following that event, I will announce future plans." Reading this I couldn't help but wonder why the author was asked to stop, and by whom. This weekend I noticed more comments, and then this from Mark Evanier, just a few days ago, "Around the middle of July, a stranger e-mailed me to ask if I'd help him with a project relating to comic book history. I declined and suggested he not go forward with his plans. He agreed to suspend them for the time being and to have an in-person conversation with me at the Comic-Con in San Diego so I could talk him out of them altogether...and I probably could have but he never got in touch with me at the con. I just wrote to him again and his e-mail address is a bouncer now. If you are this person, please drop me a line. We need to talk." Once I discovered the true nature of the blog in question I couldn't help but agree with Mark - if the author of that blog had contacted him then they did indeed need to speak.

At least one interview on that blog is a total fabrication. An invention of an over-active mind hell-bent on smearing Vinnie Colletta. This quote, from Dick Giordano, has been, shall we say, embellished, ironically enough. "There was only one artist's work who intimidated me as an inker. Curt Swan's. The first time I was asked to ink one of his jobs, I looked at it and said no. "Anything I do on these pages is going to make them worse." They said, "If you don't ink this, we're going to give it to Colletta." I said, "In that case, give it to me." I had to save those beautiful pencils from Vinnie." According to Dick he said only the first part and his original quote ended with the word 'worse'. The rest has been added on and was not said by Dick. The accompanying interview, also purporting to be words from Dick, are, according to Dick Giordano, false and malicious. He never said those words in an interview. In fact this is part of Dick's response to the now infamous Dan McFan, "Well, the quote is partially right. I did say everything up to ..."make them worse!" The rest is creative , wishful thinking on the part of the nay sayer who wrote it." That whole string has been made up by the blogs author, with the intent to make Vinnie look bad.

No wonder Mark Evanier wants to speak to this guy. After all there's a two part interview with Mark up there and I can't help but wonder how much of that was pure invention and how much is real (if any). I have no idea who the author of the blog is but I have some suspicion. However inventing quotes and inserting them into an on-line form with the sole intent to denigrate another person is wrong. And here's a hint, if you're going to do such a thing, pick someone who has passed away, not a living person who can refute the claims and possibly take things further. You'd imagine that an anti-Colletta blog wouldn't need to invent quotes, there's more than enough people out there who have a low opinion of Vinnie already.

The blog itself has gone on another 'hiatus' and I can't say I'm the least bit surprised. It'll be interesting to see if it ever comes back or indeed how long it lasts. If anyone can provide the source of any of the quotes listed on that site then let me know. I've already emailed a few people asking if they actually said what's been attributed to them. Watch this space - more information as it comes to light.


Anonymous said…
Its funny that your blog should be reporting on the Vince Colletta site because I only started reading your blog when the Colletta telephone conversation came to my attention last year.

I think the question most people would have after looking at the site and reading your comments isn't why but who?

I have a pretty good idea but is there any chance that you will be revealing the identity of the Vin-basher?

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