Original Art Stories: The Ruined Breyfogle

I first brought attention to this ugly creature last year when it surfaced on eBay and it's come back to haunt us all again. It's almost an annual event really. I'll run through it again just so that people all know what this abortion really is. Rather than rant all over again I'll just copy what I wrote back in May 2007. I first became aware of this art destruction early in 2007 when I came across one of Norm Breyfogle’s cards on eBay. The card was promoted as being drawn and coloured by Norm, something that made me think. I posted a message on Norm’s forum asking about the veracity of the piece as I was under the impression that all of his trading card was simply line art – black and white. At the time Norm responded, “I didn't color that, I think it's a really stupid idea to hand color an original that the original artist didn't intend to be colored, and it looks like a crummy coloring job, anyway.

“If it is the original, whoever colored it might've run into difficulty if I didn't use all waterproof ink in my inking (and I may not have, since the original wasn't meant to be colored). I should add that I consider it an immoral act to alter another's original art without the original artist's authorization.”

This is what the card looked like when it was published, as part of the Firepower series. As you can clearly see there's a huge difference between the professional colouring job and the marker pen job that was done over the original line art. As it stands the art is now ruined beyond repair and I doubt it can be saved. All I can say is that if you're thinking of buying it then buyer beware, it's not exactly what it appears to be.


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