Original Art Stories: The Lost Falcon

The pages you're seeing here are all that remain from an aborted Falcon mini-series that Jim Owsley (years before he changed his name and became Christopher Priest) and Brian Postman were assisigned to produce in 1982. According to Brian note these are all the pages that he drew for the series. It was after he brought these pages in that he was offered Spider-Woman by Mark Gruenwald - and it's not that hard to work out why, I'm sure he'd have been offered work on the splash page alone, it's that good. Sadly the series wasn't produced with Postman on art duties, the script would be shelved for a further two years before Marvel dusted it off and handed it over to Paul Smith. According to Priest's web-site, "When the pencils came back, everybody in the office fell over themselves gawking at Smith's pencils, but nobody read the story. So Smith got discovered but Priest didn't." The series did well enough for Marvel to commission Priest to produce a follow-up, this time with Mark Bright on art chores.

So, with no further ado, here are the first six pages, and page 16, from the original, and un til now never seen before, Falcon mini-series.

The page inked by Dave Simons was done in 2008 for the Gene Colan fund-raiser, which is where I first saw it (and purchased it). Great stuff!


thanks,danny.....actually,if i remember correctly?....the paul smith falcon story was before i did my falcon...i remember owsley being upset that he got iron man and later x-men work...so he left the falcon series....i then started doing it,but mark gruenwald offered me an ongoing book...spider-woman...so i left...i think owsley was angry about that,but gruenwald told me that the "falcon
wasn't even schedualed yet....so i went with spider-woman....i actually would have liked to finish that series....i'm pretty sure paul smith did his falcon previous to mine....it may have only been months before i started working there....best,brian....
Dan Coyle said…
I enjoyed Postman's work on Spider-Woman, brief though it was. I'm a huge Ann Nocenti mark, and seeing her first superhero story was awesome.

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