The Inkwell Awards: Revised Results

Voting for the first annual Inkwell Awards officially ended on the 31st of May and the results are now posted on the official web-site.

The Inkwell Award committee announces with deep regret that founder, Tim Townsend, due to personal reasons has decided to step down from his position and return his awards. Tim has made this decision due to a series of unfounded and malicious personal attacks upon his character and integrity and time constraints which prevent him from giving his fullest attention for the awards for 2009. It is with sadness that the committee have accepted this decision and we wish Tim all the best for the future and hope that he will return to the Inkwell Awards that he helped found in the future. Tim's input and knowledge have been invaluable and his presence will be both missed and not easily replaced. At this point in time the committee have no plans on searching for a suitable candidate for the vacant spot on the committee.

Due to Tim Townsend returning his awards, some categories have been revised. Please bear this in mind when posting these results. Voting was fierce and an incredible 5,000 votes in total were cast across all the different categories, however clear winners have emerged. Without any further ado, here are the results:

TERRY AUSTIN (winner-tie)
JOE SINNOTT (winner-tie)
Tom Palmer (runner-up)
DANNY MIKI (winner)
Norm Rapmund (runner-up)
TOM PALMER (winner)
Joe Sinnott (runner-up)
Norm Rapmund (runner-up)
DANNY MIKI (winner)
Tom Palmer (runner-up)
DANNY MIKI (winner)
Joe Sinnott (runner-up)
DANNY MIKI (winner)
Mark Irwin (runner-up)
BOB ALMOND (winner)
Tim Townsend (runner-up)
DANNY MIKI (winner)
Tim Townsend (runner-up)
JOE SINNOTT (winner)
Al Williamson (runner-up)

The Inkwell Award Committee would like to formally extend congratulations to all the winners and runners up. Winners will be presented their awards in the coming months in person where possible at conventions across the country, or via mail. A full list of nominees and what percentage of the vote the winners and runners up received is posted on The Inkwell Web-Site.

I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the results of the recent 2008 Inkwell Awards. Not only that I did well in the voting, but also that so many of my favorite talented artists were recognized so highly. I can't say enough about the committee and all the devoted fans who voted for us and finally gave the inkers the acknowledgement of our great contribution to the field of comics. I am truly honored and quite humbled to have an award (The Joe Sinnott Hall Of Fame Award) named after me. It is gratifying to see the list of inkers nominated for an award. It is so nice to see that the fans haven't forgotten these great talented inkers. Again, many thanks to the committee for initiating these awards, which are long overdue, and to the thousands of loyal fans for your support in voting for us. Continued success in the future. May your inkwell never run dry.
--Joe Sinnott

What an honor it was to have won three awards in the recent 2008 inaugural Inkwell Awards.

It is very important to me that the fans are aware I received an e-mail from Tim saying that he has declined his two awards. I won't go into why he felt he had to decline them but it disappoints me that someone can question Tims integrity. He is an honest man, makes an honest living, is a great father and family man and an excellent artist / inker who is at the top of his game. He deserved to win.

I've known Tim for at least 13 years if not more and never once questioned his morals, integrity and honor. Tim had asked me to accept the two awards that he won fair and square. And on behalf of Tim and his fans who voted for him I will accept them in Tim's honor. Your votes for him will not go in vain.

I'd also like to thank Bob Almond for founding and doing what most inkers only thought about doing. Educating and bringing awareness to our craft. Inkers have been in comics since the beginning and will always be part of comic book history. And some seem to forget about that. At times we may go unnoticed and/or taken for granted. It's hard work, long hours and can be tedious at times but very, very fulfilling when the projects are done.

Inking is one of the last few art methods that comes from an ancient form. We still use a quill, although now without the feathers on top. I was very pleased that the Inkwell Awards recognizes this and had also included a retro category. These are the artists that have paved the way for today's inkers. They have my respect and have inspired me to pursue this craft.

Congratulations to all the other winners and runner ups. A special thanks to the committee for their time and efforts and a huge thanks for every loyal fan out there that voted and participated regardless who you voted for. Your participation means a lot to the inking community.

From my inker elbows to yours,
--Danny Miki

The award is even more satisfying knowing how the votes were gathered.

I went to your site and saw many familiar names on your board, along with the connection to SKETCH magazine. All very worthy in connection to the comic book field and the talent working out there today.

Wish all great success; I'm honored for the recognition.
--Tom Palmer

The remainder of 2008 will see the Inkwell Awards reach new heights with new features for the web-site including exclusive interviews, articles, inking tutorials, examples of art in both pencil and ink form and much, much more. All of the committee members have given their full commitment for future, so keep watching the web-site leading up to the 2009 awards!

At the risk of sounding repetitive here I feel I have to comment on the above press release. Last week we, as a committee, proudly announced the awards for 2008 Inkwell Awards. When we sent out the initial press release a couple of people with on-line presences decided to take a few cheap shots at the awards and the committee itself, in particular Tim Townsend and Bob Almond. I defended both men and the veracity of the awards in two places, one was here on my blog (you can read what I wrote here) and also here on The Pulse forums. KI had already advised my fellow committee members not to take issue with what people wrote, but as the cat was out of the bag and a few of them had already weighed into attack I felt it might be prudent to follow. I still believe that both actions were right - to not respond to the ill-informed attacks and also to respond where required. I decided to respond to the accusations of inker Drew Geraci (a person I've never spoken to, nor have I ever corresponded with) because his attack seemed to be the most personal. In his initial post Drew accused both Bob and Tim of establishing these awards to promote themselves, hence they won individual awards. This accusation couldn't be further from the truth.

The truth is, as it was then, Bob established these awards to raise the profile of an otherwise overlooked and dying art form. There was no other motive than that. None. As I suggested to Drew, to suggest otherwise is to also buy into a theory that Bob and Tim are able to recruit people of such weak wills as to follow their doctrine. That means myself, Mike Marts and Jim Tournas, along with the other members, Mark McKenna, Adam Hughes, Bill Nichols and others. If those guys are that good a manipulation then why are they not working for DC exclusively and only inking the likes of Hughes on Batman? Why? Because to suggest that Tim and Bob have established these awards to promote themselves is the most insane, and frankly stupidly ignorant thing I've heard in decades.

I'm not suggesting that Drew is either insane or ignorant - he should and probably does know better. He's made a statement suggesting that his initial attack was an ill-guided attempt at humour gone wrong. I believe him. But some other bloggers and on-line 'journalists' who have continued the attack, for their own reasons, well those are the people who's motives I question. I have no hidden agenda, the committee has no hidden agendas, however I suspect that the bulk of those who've taken it upon themselves to attack us do. Time to put all your cards on the tables people, or shut the hell up. Just come clean - why did these awards upset you so much?

I'm upset that Tim has decided to step down from the committee and hand his awards back. As I've said to a few people, I accept what he's done and the reasons why, but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it. However I suspect that Tim will be back to us eventually, in the meantime now that the awards are finished for 2008 we can all take a long await break and gear up for 2009 and beyond. And if you have any doubts as to what these awards means then read the above comments from those who won. Go and tell them that it's all one big exercise in promoting Tim and Bob. Make that an email worth reading. I dare you.


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