Original Art Stories: Gene Colan: An Update IV

For those who've been asking, here's the latest on Gene Colan's condition, from the desk of his lovely wife, Adrienne.

As you can see, we've been blessed by all of you as well as fans and professional artists donating artwork to sell on Ebay.

I've tried so hard to keep up with thanking you all online here and privately (when I have your emails and can remember to do it). But, if any of you have the emails or belong to chat groups of the artists's and others that have contributed to these ebay auctions , I sure would appreciate that info. Also, if you can just network for me and get the word to all these people that Gene and I are blown away by their generosity, that would be such a tremendous help to me and a big relief. I worry that they won't know what their kindness means to Gene and me.

Also, if any of you know some of the people who have sent items to us, like signed T shirts from a convention, the London Times from someone else, cards and sometimes just cash placed inside, or sometimes a large check with no name, just 'get well' on the back of the check.... anyone at all that you know sent something that they may
not have received a personal email or note from me, would you please tell them how much this is meaning to us on a daily basis. How much fun and excitement they bring into our house every day. How our children love hearing about it all...and how sorry I am that in a few cases, I've just been so overwhelmed here with attending to Gene's health requirements, duties of the household and business that in some cases, I just simply had to let the paper work go.

But it all means so much. Every single simple thing means so much!

Gene passed a huge hurdle. His doctor decided to rule out cancer on his liver by taking a CT Scan yesterday morning. No mass, no tumors. No cancer. Now, he's on schedule for a biopsy to determine the cause of his cirrhosis in an effort to find a way to stop the progression. only a 5 to 10% chance that can be achieved. but as long as they don't find fluid in his belly next week, they'll be able to take that test and we'll see.

His doc is phenomenal and works with me every day, fine tuning his meds based on his daily weight.

Alas, he's so skinny,....no more cute tushy! :)

LoveYouAll! and thanking you in advance for any way you can help me to pass the word to everyone how much their love and support of Gene means to us. How great it is to hear their personal stories about what it was like for them to read his comics. :)

Big Hugaroo!!!!!!!!

Remember, if you want to send some love or something a bit more material, to Gene you can do so via Clifford Meth's auctions, or directly to Gene at the following address:
Gene Colan
2 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff, NY 11579

And, as always, you can send a short message to Gene and I'll make sure he gets it.


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