Original Art Stories: Breyfogle's Prime

One of the most under-rated of all of Norm Breyfogle's works would have to be the Malibu series Prime. I fully intend to cover the Prime series at length in the upcoming Breyfogle Book (that's letting the feline out of the sack) but until then I wanted to show this unique piece of art.

For the first issue of Prime Norm was asked to create a holo-cover. Holo-covers were all the rage back in the early 1990s and Malibu could recognise the selling power of a gimmick when they saw one. Making a holo-cover isn't the easiest of process, basically they're different elements of art that are merged into one, laser photographed and given the impression of 3D. Great work if you can do it. For some reason this cover was rejected and Norm soon created another - which I don't have the scans for! Still, check these out - the elements of a holo-cover that was a homage to Action Comics #1.

The background. This is the only element done on actual art board. Here Norm pulls back from the camera and creates a simple, uncluttered image, that will serve as the background.

The second image. This is the money shot and was drawn on vellum. This is the main image, although not the largest. It's the middle shot and the size reflects this.

The close up. The classic 'man dodging wheel' image that many an artist has drawn. This is the largest of the images, perspective wise, and at the end will sit at the bottom left hand corner of the art. This image was used for the published version, indeed I believe all the elements, other than the element of Prime, were used.

Merge all three pieces of art and you're left with something that looks like this:
Now I'm not an expert in Photoshop, so if someone out there wants to take a crack at merging all the elements and creating a great looking cover then get in touch and I'll send down the high res scans. Until then you can trust me when I say this looks stunning printed out already.


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