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Loads of things to cover today, but I'll cover the most important ones for now.

First up - something close to my own heart - the Inkwell Awards. There's only 3 more days remaining so if you haven't gotten around to placing your support behind your favorite ink artists yet you only have until this Saturday May 31st. I'll freely admit that I've not voted - yet. I always leave things to the last second (something about that last minute rush of blood to the head) but my votes will be going in shortly. This'll be your last chance to vote on who you think are the cream of the inking crop, so go for it. Remember - if you're an inker, you can vote for yourself. Results will be announced soon as we can.

Go to the site and vote!

Who is that handsome man and why is he smiling? Why, it's none other than Bob Almond, the brains behind the Inkwell Awards. Why is he smiling? Because he's Bob! Not so much an update than a shout out - Bob is an all round damn nice guy and he deserves your praise. He's about to update his web-site, so keep an eye out there. In the meantime go and visit his site and buy some stuff.

The Gene Colan Benefit Auctions are in full swing. Clifford Meth has posted more items on his blog, some of them have no bids yet, which stuns me no end. Go and visit, bid often, bid damn high. There's some more than decent items there. Cliff is also running some eBay auctions - you can find them here. That nice little Superman you see above was done by Ernie Chan for the Colan Benefit - someone better get in and bid big or it'll be vanishing into my own art collection - my bid is in place. The brilliant Walter Simonson Thor/Iron Man piece is also going gangbusters, as expected. I expect this one to more than reach four figures, if not more.

One item of note: I'm not a huge fan of Harlan Ellison - no big deal, we all have our favourite authors, but even I'm thinking of bidding on this one as I can appreciate it's value and quality. Here's the write up from Cliff's blog: (Item 51) The Harlan Ellison Hornbook (mint hardcover) Signed "You get this First Edition because of Gene Colan! - Harlan Ellison"

I have to ask - does it get any better than that? Well, yes it does, because there's more than one Ellison book, all signed and personalised in a similar fashion. If you like your sci-fi then scoot on over and get the bids in and going. First editions, signed, inscribed - you'll be sitting on not only a goldmine there, but a true rarity.

While we're talking Colan Benefits, my good pal Mike 'Bruhed' Pascale also has some artwork up for auction. All proceeds will be going directly to Gene Colan. How do I know? Because Mike says so, and if Mike says so then it is so. Mike is a man of his word and as straight as the proverbial arrow. So pop on over to his auctions and buy some Pascale Art!

Last, but never least, on the list, is Dave Simons. Dave has hooked up with the excellent Bob Shaw to handle his commissions. Bob has a great stable of artists and Dave is a great addition for him. Dave's commissions are always done on time and the quality he puts into them are second to none really. If you've not already done so then arrange, via Bob, to have Dave create your own specialised artwork today. You won't come away disappointed.

In the meantime I've spent the last few days totally revamping Dave's own site. There's new images and loads of new content, with commentary, articles and behind the scenes looks at almost everything Dave has done in his long and varied career. Not all the pages are finished, but you'll soon work out which ones are. Have a look, and check back often. New pages are going up daily (read: as I finish them!).


dave166 said…
Thanks for the mention, Danny. I have stuff in the Colan auction, too, including a never-before-seen collaboration with Brian Postman.

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