Original Art Stories: Gene Colan, An Update

Just posting an update on Gene, which hopefully will quash some rumours.

First off - he isn't in hospital, nearly dead. He's resting at home with his family. He's still in a bad way, but the reports of his death, and near death, are very much exaggerated. If anyone wants to contribute a tribute to Gene then email or post a comment. Gene is seeing them all and they've really lifted his spirits. I'd also like to point out that, despite the general mis-information and assumptions of a few people Adrienne asked me to post my initial message of support to Gene, with his postal address for letters. So, to the all too few people who think I've done something wrong, get over it. It's not a 'scoop', it's all about helping Gene (plus, sad to say, some people only want to write eulogies). Now that's all I'm gonna say on that.

Second - Marvel have agreed to assist Gene. No amount has been settled on as yet and understandable any such settlement/offer will be subject to confidentiality. Fair enough. Marvel insisting on the final amount being kept secret doesn't make them the bad guys - any help is good help, and full credit to Marvel for stepping up to the plate for this, disclosure or non-disclosure. However, despite Marvel agreeing to assist Gene is still in need. Unless Marvel fork over a very large sum (which they probably won't) then Gene is still going to need to pay the bills for his medical services. So if you want to help then by all means help. The auction will still be going ahead, so if you're thinking of sending something in the form of a donation then by all means do it.

Third - this is straight from Clifford Meth: Aardwolf Publishing is releasing METH, COLAN & OTHER THEOLOGIANS, which will include everything that was in our PERVERTS, PEDOPHILES & OTHER THEOLOGIANS (a Barnes & Noble "Horror Pick of the Week" from 1997 that saw multiple printings) as well as several new stories by Gene Colan and Clifford Meth, along with introductions by several of the comic industry's noted luminaries. People can order the signed/numbered limited edition now by sending $20 + $3 shipping to sales@aardwolfpublishing.com -- proceeds directly and immediately benefit Gene.

Fourth - we're looking for a list of characters that Gene drew for the first time. Those ones that he helped design. Marvel is keen to see such a list, so if anyone out there can throw some character names into the hat, by all means go for it.


dave166 said…
Marvel is doing the right thing. If I were them, I wouldn't want to say how much money it was, either.
I'll be sending Cliff a contribution in the form of art myself tomorrow: Falcon vs. a Sentinel, pencilled by Brian Postman and inked by me, along with some other stuff. Falcon? Initial appearance by Gene.
The Seditionist said…
My Colan story, lame as it is....

Must have been the late 70s/early 80s, a NYC comics convention, back when they were sane.

And there's Mr. C. at a table in a hallway. I try to start up a conversation, unsuccessfully, about his work. He seems burned out by it all. Not that I'm any master of small talk but it was frustrating.

This was, I now believe, around the time he was getting his fill of Shooter, some time before going to DC.

But wait:

This A.M., doing my weekly comics sites surfing, I see Dial B for Blog is doing an overview of Warren's Blazing Combat.

And I remember picking up issues 2-4 at an earlier convention.

And one of the books contained a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous wash job by Colan -- just about the best wash work I've ever seen.

And (IIRC), I complimented G.C. on the job.

Alas, that too didn't, well, get much cheeriness from him....

Another thing: A couple of years back, Alter-Ego (again, IIRC), ran a spot from an early Marvel western splash drawn by Colan. It showed two cowboys, the one in the foreground leaning against a post, holding a cigarette. The langor of the pose, the causalness, was something like never shown and shown with uniquely particular excellence.

As zillions have noted, Colan's directing of his actors -- his poses -- are like absolutely no one else's. (Tip to artists: you can't really draw like Colan but if you use your brain, you can try and copy the intelligence and sensibility.)

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