Free Comic Book Day

If you're in Adelaide tomorrow for Free Comic Book Day then visit all the stores, but definitely linger at the Adelaide Comic Centre. The lads who own and run the store, along with their site, will be not only giving away comics from the usual wide selection, but they'll also be giving away free comic books from their back issue stocks. That means that there'll be hundreds, if not thousands, of free comic books on offer. You can see a partial list of what comics are going to be on offer at the store here. That list doesn't include the boxes of back issues mind there'll be something for everyone!

There's only one condition. I've heard of some stores who insist that you buy a comic book in order to be given a free one, that's not the case with the Dynamic Duo. All they ask is that people take only one of each title only - no loading up on five issues of the X-Men comic and then running out the store. That means you can take one copy of every title on offer, but one only.

Loads of entertainment will be on offer - face painting, munchies and a few surprise appearances from various comic book and cartoon characters. Pop along and say hello (I'll be there, but in a very clever disguise) - the fun starts at 9:30 and ends when it ends - like last year, it'll probably end when all the comics are gone!! And last year the comics went very quickly.

I'll post some photos here from he event, after the event.

Where to go: Shop 15, Citi Centre Arcade. Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia.


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