Free Comic Book Day 2008: The Photos

I've just gotten back inside from Free Comic Book Day at the Adelaide Comic Centre. And what a day it was! I've not ever seen the store so packed in all it's existence, and that includes when it was owned by other people. We arrived just before 9am and there was already a line-up happening - this for a store that had advertised it's opening as being 9:30am. Incredible. The doors opened and the people flooded in to find loads of free comic books with the only restriction being one copy of each title per person - and more than one person took advantage of that and took one of each comic book on display. As well they should. The lads also placed some recent back stock out - X-Men and World War Hulk seemed to be the rage - and those also left the tables at a rapid rate of knots.

As always there were festivities. A pile of Jedi turned up, with Storm Troopers, Speeder Bike Pilots and a Rebel Pilot in tow. Add to that the Joker, two Catwomen and a rather large Bugs Bunny and you can guess the rest. Balloons, gummy bears, face painting and much more just enhanced the day and the place was still bopping and buzzing when we finally left - mainly due to exhaustion (hey - you wander around in a large bunny suit for most of the day and see how long you last).

Here's some photos of the day along with some commentary. There'll be more photos going up over at the Dynamic Duo site over the coming days. Enjoy!

This I like. We wandered down Rundle Mall alternately scaring and exciting the kiddies when we ran into people who had dressed up and were promoting Pulp Fiction Comics (another store here in Adelaide). In the spirit of the occasion we all grouped together and posed for a happy snap. It came out quite well really.

This is pretty much everyone from the Adelaide Comic Centre outside of the store and ready for action.

Never threaten a bunny.

Because the results can cause pain.

"Luke, I am your Bunny!"

The store itself was packed from go to when we left at 1:30pm and last I heard - 3pm - it was still pumping!

More bunny action. This photo is the definition of jealousy.

Permission? What permission? Like a fireman is going to stop those two from climbing on the truck?

Group happy snap out the front of the store.

There'll be more to come. Myself? I had a blast and can't wait for next year to roll around, although I might go for a cooler outfit, but then I said that last year and look where it got me.


Anonymous said…
Wow, two Catwomen. Decisions, decisions. :-) They gave out three comics per customer here in the States. It was fun. My kids loved it. A great day indeed. George "The Stooges"

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