Online Art Auction For American Cancer Society

Generally I don't do these sort of announcements, but with the recent passing of Jeff Healey and the sad news about Patrick Swayze I thought, well, why not? It can't hurt anyone. My pal Bill Nichols pointed me towards these auctions late last week. I had to check them out and by Jaysus is the collection impressive. There's art there, on sketch cards, by around 200 artists from all walks of life, from Steve Rude, Don Perlin, Joe Staton, David Michael Beck, David Mack, Michael Peters, Terry Pavcet, Steve Bissette, Dick Giordano and too many more to mention. You'll find something there, from head sketches to full bodied, fully coloured cards, it's all there.

Without any further rant from me, here's the official press release:

Blue Line Art is sponsoring an online charity auction of Original Art Sketch Cards. The e-Bay auction will begin Saturday evening, March 8th, following a gallery exhibit at Comics2Games in Florence, Kentucky. The exhibit will be up all day with a get-together with some of the artists from 5 to 8pm that evening. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

The small sketch card format is an affordable way to collect unique pieces of original art without breaking your bank. This makes this charity auction on eBay something anybody can afford to participate in, not just high-end collectors. There will be a lot of great art from top name talent in the business, but some of the best cards are from people you never heard of! (Or just haven’t heard of yet.) “We asked for simple little sketch cards. We have been amazed at the level of illustration so many artists have turned in to us.” said Sketch Magazine creator Robert Hickey.

Mike and Robert Hickey are putting this auction together in honor of Robert’s wife Katie, a breast cancer survivor of five years. There will be over 1,000 cards by more than 200 artists for this first annual auction. “I’ve been in and around the comics industry for a long time. I’ve known that many of the artists are generous with their time and talent, but I’m blown away. I believe a lot of the success of this event is due to the fact that many of us have been touched by cancer,” said Bob Hickey. “The American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen sites gave us information and helped us with education about the cancer. Their support was invaluable in helping us get through such an uncertain time. The more you know, the better able you are to deal with things.”

You can help those coping with cancer and collect some fun and unique artwork by participating in the Blue Line Art Sketch Card Auction starting March 8th on e-Bay.

You can check the auctions out here. As people say, bid high and bid often. It'll all be going to a very worthy cause so you'll not only be buying some neat little art pieces, but you'll probably also feel better and build up those karma points along the way.


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