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This week has seen me as busy as I've ever been. Thanks to my great pal, Jimmy T, I've been furiously updating web-sites all over the place. Jimmy is a God amongst men, and each passing second sees me more in debt to the guy. Ah well, it could be worse.

So what's new and where? Well the parent site, Adelaide Comics And Books, is updated beyond belief. I've re-edited a lot of the interviews, I've done a behind the scenes look at my book, Partners For Life, and have generally cleaned up the entire site. Articles have been totally re-written from the ground up (such as the Iron Fist article) and I'll be doing more as time permits.

I was approached by Dave Simons, artist of great note, with the idea of setting up a site for him. This I've done, so if you're a keen fan of Daves, and why wouldn't you be, then check out his new site. It's early days yet and it's still very much a work in progress, but it's getting there, slowly but surely. Dave has said that he wants the site to reflect what he's doing now, more than what he's done in the past. To that end there'll be new content going up which will feature new ideas from the fertile mind of Dave.

Alan Kupperberg's site also went through a major overhaul. I think Alan hasn't been overly pleased with his site for a while now and Lord only knows why he didn't say something sooner. On his site now you'll find art for sale, commissions, all of his published autobiographical pieces, interviews and loads more. It's a complete overhaul and there's even some serious clown content going on. Check it out.

The other site that has seen me working damn hard is the on-line presence for my excellent pals, Dynamic Duo Comics. Mikey and Pete have also not been the happiest with their site for a while and said not much. Mind you once I started the redesign they weren't shy about their opinions. They run one of the finest comic shops in the country (and believe me, I've been into a lot of comic book stores in Australia) and boast some of the friendliest staff you're likely to see. I'm not getting paid for any of this, nor do I get kick-backs, I just call it as I see it.

And while we're at it...the common question I get is how much do these guys pay me? The answer is...nothing. I've not asked for payment and I've generally refused payment when it's been offered. I've always felt that if you're in a position to help someone out then help away. No contracts, I just do what I do because I like doing it, even if it costs me. So don't think I'm hitting these guys up for cash - they're struggling, same as we all are. If the sites help then great, I hope they all make a million.

So if you want to waste some time then start poking about and see what you find. It's been a long, long few weeks, and then there's that other site that's being worked upon, but I'm not able to say anything about that just yet.


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