Comic Art Commissions - New Comic Artists Directory Launches

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Comic Art Commissions - New Comic Artists Directory Launches

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 30, 2008 -- Metro-Atlanta resident Terry Maltos represents the comic book artist Al Rio. He also runs the successful web directory "The Comic Art Links Directory" and the auction and images site "The Comic Art Community."

Terry has built a new site for artists who draw custom commissions and buyers who regularly commission artists to draw. It's called Comic Art

If you are an artist - register and list yourself. This site will definitely get you commission jobs or at the very least - hits to your web site. Once registered, artists can list their commission rates, upload art for sale, upload sample images, link to a web site, easily manage listings and get exposure to a targeted audience of comic art buyers.

Buyers can search for a good artist to get a commission from. They can get informed about artists by reading artists review, viewing artist ratings, sending messages to artists or simply searching by price range, estimated turn-around time or the artist's preferred genre.

Comic Art It's a virtual-Con full of artists and buyers.

It's not a bad site overall and I expect that with the forthcoming changes to the way eBay goes about it's business more and more artists and dealers will be seeking out sites like this one to conduct their business overall. I was alerted to it and immediately put some pals onto it, so you'll find the usual suspects there, Alan Kupperberg, Norm Breyfogle and Dave Simons amongst other fine artists. I've yet to buy anything from it, but I'm sure I will. And hey - there's only so many hours in a day.


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