An Open Letter To Marvel From Dave Simons

Following in the spirit of Michael Netzer's 'Open Letter To DC' I'd like to present the world with the following.

Dave Simons, artist, contacted me a few days ago with the following letter and sketches, in which he makes a good case for the return of one of Marvel's more nuttier creations, Squirrel Girl. That Dave is more than willing to draw the character, and is more than able to do so, only adds to the appeal. But enough from me for now, here's Dave's letter:

Just when I was bemoaning that Marvel can't do "cute" and "fun" any more, they come out with Squirrel Girl in Great Lakes Initiative. I just discovered her online.

This is the kind of character that I love! It was no accident that I cut my inking teeth on Howard the Duck.

What I'd like to see happen is for Squirrel Girl to get involved in a romance, possibly with some completely ordinary jerk, as in manga "magical girlfriend" type stories. She needs a bit of a re-design, too.

Just a few words about my design choices... I gave Squirrel Girl squirrel ears. Consider it a further mutation (actually, it would be an atavism, like her tail). The kneepads are to keep her knees from getting scraped up on rough bark. The goggles are there to have another design element on her head as well as being a nod to another squirrel-based character. I also got rid of that weird eye make-up. Otherwise, I tried to design something a human might be able to wear. The colors are autumn themed, because that's what I think of when I think of squirrels.

Since she's already defeated Dr. Doom and Thanos, I don't know who's left for a villain.

So if there's a writer who wants to do a pitch,
let me know!

Happy Trails

Personally I think it's a great idea. A return to some good old fashioned fun comic books. Comic books that you'd be happy to leave around for your kids to read. Comic books in which no-one dies, no-one gets dismembered, does deals with the devil or does anything that'd offend anyone. I mean, isn't that what comic books are about? Fun? Innocent fun? Kid friendly comics? Or has Marvel, and to an extent DC, so lost their way that Archie is now the sole remaining company that can produce a comic book that an eight year old can read without puking up over? Is Dave on the right track or is he just plan nuts?

Let's move away from the grim and gritty snuff comics that we've been subjected to in recent times and put the big push behind Dave Simons and his proposal for the Return Of Squirrel Girl!!


what now toons said…
Squirrel Girl, yeah, sexy works, and just a little nuts, in the pre-corporate dominated house art style cookie cutter comics market this and many other oddball comics would have their day and add a little fun to one's comic diet. A good break from the constant grimm kick your ass crop we seem to be seeing wayyyyyyyyy too much of these days. But that's the political side of me getting carried away again,
We need more light heartred fun comics, & a host of other ignored genre.
Get Squirrley, a good Idea,
Michael Netzer said…
Couldn't agree more with the above. The drawings, the idea... it's just good fun that kids would love, and a way to learn something about this fine creature. It is about time squirrels get some due attention, after all.

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