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Gredown, Atlas & Seaboard: The Unpublished Bog Beast

I've covered the Atlas/Seaboard connection with Gredown previously in at least two blog entries because, frankly, it interests me no end. However it wasn't until Spiros Xenos contacted me with the details of a previously unpublished Walter Simonson story that I gave any thought to there being something more to these releases. Since that time I've gone through and indexed a pile of Gredowns in the hopes of uncovering more of these unpublished Atlas era stories. I've always felt that an Atlas story would surface before something from Skywald but until all the material has been waded through we'll never know for sure. I'm very sure that I've uncovered at least two to three unpublished Peter Hypnos stories that should have appeared in various Warren Magazines. You can imagine how I felt when I discovered what I believe to be a previously unpublished Atlas 'Bog Beast' story, as drawn by Badia Romero and I presume written by Gabriel Levy.

The story, titled…

Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction: The Unseen Kelly Freas

You're not seeing double as these two comics are not exactly the same. What you're looking at is the the rejected Kelly Freas cover to the Marvel magazine, Unknown Worlds Of Science Fiction #1 as published by Yaffa* in 1979.

Variant covers on Australian comic books are just one of the reasons why they're in demand. When researching the Newton line (an ongoing concern by the way) I discovered that there existed a variant cover for issue #2 of the magazine, Monsters Unleashed. This cover featured slightly altered artwork and, as near as I can determine, this cover only appeared on the Newton comic of the same name (I have ordered a pile of Yaffa Monsters Unleashed, so I'll be able to determine if the cover carried across). So how did this cover surface on an Australian comic?

It's well known that Marvel would commission covers and artwork from artists that they would then have altered, thus preventing them from being used in their original form. It's an age old pra…

Home, Home Again

The road trip is finished. We eventually covered over 5,000kms in just under twelve days, with five of those serious driving days - the rest were spent resting up at my mothers place on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. My reputation as a storm repellent was in full flight, all week storms were predicted every evening, none eventuated. Happens every time. It was a good two weeks, much rest and much did we see, and we took photos of most of it.

Yesterday we headed out of a little town called Warren in New South Wales at about 6:30am. I can't enough about Warren as we saw all of it in about five minutes, and that included checking the map to make sure we were in the right place the night before (we covered 1,000kms in ten hours). Once we found out hotel room I spent the evening watching the election coverage (for once it was riveting!) and listening to the other half snore happily away.

This was the scenery between Warren and Broken Hill the next morning (yesterday). For 600kms I dr…

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