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Why I Don't Like Jack Kirby

It'd be all too easy to title this little article, "Why I Like Jack Kirby", but that's not the point. It's a given that if you're of a certain age then you automatically must like Kirby and his art or you're an idiot. Generations of people grew up with Kirby's artwork in their comic books, be it the Marvel Silver Age or when he crossed over to DC in the early 1970s and attempted to revolutionise the comic book world there. Virtually every artist I've spoken to has sang the praises of Kirby and rightly so. The man was a true visionary. That a company, Marvel, could form an empire on the back of characters that he either created or co-created with Stan Lee (and let's face it, we may never know the extent of each man's involvement) and thrive for over five decades since speaks volumes. The Fantastic Four, the X-Men, The Avengers, Thor, Iron Man...the list is almost endless. However all of that bypassed me.

I first found Jack Kirby in the early…

The World Inside: A Convention Report from Steven Bove

We were supposed to be at the New York Convention on the weekend. Tickets were booked and paid for, hotel rooms had been sorted out, it was all in place until we hit the biggest snag of them all - the US government. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to apply for an entry visa to get into America. Apply I did and I was told that the outcome didn't look too good, but that someone would be in touch. We were told to sit tight and wait. I'd advised them of the various bookings but I might have been talking to a wall. I was pointed towards a sign that said, "Don't book anything until you've gotten the visa". Oh dear.

After a few emails and phone calls we finally got the word - we'd been knocked back for this trip but should be free and clear to travel in 2008. However that was last Wednesday, so by that stage it was far too late to do anything anyway, hence we packed up and started our road trip. I can't say I'm not annoyed, disappointed and u…

A Note To Brisbane Record Stores

Just a short note mind you. The image you're seeing is the cover of a DVD titled 'The Song Remains The Same' by a band called Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are one of the best known and most influential hard rock/heavy metals bands to emerge in the last 40 years. Everyone knows them, if only to puke when Stairway To Heaven comes on the radio. Everyone, that is, but anyone that works in a record store in Queensland.

Today I went in search of the deluxe version of this very DVD. Every store I entered, be it Sanity, Virgin or any number of stores both large and small, gave me vacant stares when I asked about this DVD. In Sanity, in EVERY Sanity store I went to the staffers, nubile young things with funny looking hair, disinterested looks and piercings, all asked who this band were and then denied any knowledge of both the band or the DVD. One lad even insisted that Sanity don't stock anything by Led Zeppelin. I didn't have the heart to tell him to turn around and pass me …

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