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Melbourne, Oh Bitter City Of Falling Tears

Ahhhh Melbourne, the city of...well something I guess. Our drive over was good and uneventful, which is what you want really. We left at about 5am and lobbed in here at about 3pm (our time), a good run with a few stops along the way (and a few idiots - the sooner four wheel drives are banned from the roads, or at least those who drive them, the better). On arrival we checked into the place we're staying - a serviced apartment that looks like it should be condemned on the outside but is very pleasant on the inside although it does have that fake, laminated wood floor finish that creaks so much you half expect Herman Munster to walk in looking for Lily. Wandered down to Chapel Street, bought a couple hundred dollars worth of books and DVDs and then back for dinner and sleep, sleep....

Today, well it's just Melbourne at it's finest. Grey, overcast, freezing cold and pissing down with rain. Just what you've come to love and expect from this fine, filthy city. What yo…


We're off once more to attend the Camberwell fair. It promises to be a decent weekend, so if you're in the neighbourhood on Sunday, by all means drop by and say hello. As this is the last fair we'll be attending in Melbourne until March 2008, this might be your last chance to snare some goodies - and goodies we have! Piles of trade paperbacks, cheapo stuff and the prize of the litter - a run of Daredevil from issue #25 through to #225 at prices starting at a measly $1. And when I say complete, I mean complete, and the bulk of the issues are in near mint condition!

After this fair we're taking an extended break - no more fairs here or in Melbourne but we'll be going to at least one more show, the only thing is, if all goes well, it won't be in Australia. More details as they come to hand. In the meantime see you at Camberwell!

Looking Back With Larry Lieber

LARRY LIEBER is one of the more overlooked, underrated and as such forgotten men from the Silver Age of Marvel comics. For a while there it appeared that there was nothing that Larry couldn't do - he wrote and he drew, and he did them both solidly and more than competently and remained at Marvel for many years. It can be argued that Larry Lieber wrote more stories for legendary artist Jack Kirby other than Stan Lee and Joe Simon. As a writer Larry scripted the first appearances of both Iron Man (working with Don Heck) and Thor (with Kirby). As an artist he enjoyed a memorable run on Marvel's western title Rawhide Kid, where he provided both stories and art.

Often working in the shadow of his more famous older brother, Stan Lee (born Stanley Lieber), Larry was often the subject of many (unfair) nepotism charges, even after Lee had left the company. Larry landed at Marvel in the late 1950s and remained until 1974, when he was head-hunted by his uncle, the infamous Martin Goodman,…

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