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Partners For Life - Questions Part I

Recently I was asked a series of questions about Ross Andru on a previous post. Said person asked for answers, so here we go.

"First, what about that story about Bill Everett being, well, let's say, ornery, inking that first Defenders story over Andru? He was so pissed over the sketchiness of the pencils that he inked them literally instead of, essentially, re-rendering the pencil art.

"And if the pencils were too hard for Everett to ink, then what about that Spider-Man story a couple of years earlier (showed up, IIRC, in Marvel Super-Heroes???) IIRC, those inks were, well, normal, let's say. (Must say I somewhat liked the Defenders art....)"

I've pointed this very topic out many times in emails, letters and even in the book itself. It wasn't that the pencils were too hard to ink, it's just that Everett decided to ink everything on the page. By all account what happened was that Everett was indeed angry about being assigned Andru as his penciler. he'…

Free Bastard Coffee

Have to laugh. Naylor House, the building I work in (day job), has had a new little coffee shop open up earlier this year. It was put there to service the entire building (said shop is located in the lobby) and I think that, over time, it'll be a success. Moderate, not roaring. In the meantime, in a great show of goodwill, said shop is giving away free cups of coffee to the building's tenants for the week.

I went and bought a bottle of Coke Zero yesterday (I don't even drink the crap - it's still in the fridge here) because I think that any shop that needs to give stuff away at such an early stage needs the money. However there's a pile of freeloaders from Centerlink (same building, different floor) who have been swamping the shop and cashing in. Typical. I can't work out just what it is that they do in their offices though. If they're not out the front of the building giving themselves lung cancer while they smoke like thirty bushfires they're hanging …

If It Wasn't So Funny...

So Simon Goodwin has been named as the Adelaide footballer who gambled during the season. There's now calls for a life ban and a minimum of $100,000 in fines, all for betting on football games that didn't involve his own club. Surely it's a bit of a joke? Not to the Official Port Adelaide Club HistorianMichelangelo Rucci who'd be having a field day with this - indeed he's made sure that it's been front page news for the past couple of days. Rucci, never one to allow his bias to prevent him from bashing the Crows, is convinced that this is the most evil of crimes that a footballer can commit.

Let's look at it objectively, and this is what amazes me. According to both the AFL, and Rucci for that matter, if you're a player and you bet on a football game you can get banned for life and a $100,000 fine.

However an AFL footballer can do any of the following without any fear of censure from the either the AFL or Rucci (remembering that both a current and a forme…

Super-Star Holiday Special!


This is another one of those 'only in Australia' comic books. Seriously. It's one of the most impressive books you're likely to find for one brilliant reason - the comic is the same size as a standard original art page. Thus the pages in here, and the bulk of them are black and white, are as close to the original art as you're likely to see, and when you see what's in the book, well you'll understand why copies of this sucker get snapped up a fair bit.

The book reprints all of the contents from DC Special #21, with some added extras. Inside you have, in order:

Star Light, Star Bright...Farthest Star I See Tonight! by Paul Levitz, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Dick Giordano (DC Special Series 21)
The Fawn and the Star by Michael Fleisher, Dick Ayers & Romeo Tanghal (DC Special Series 21)
They Call Him Hawkman by Paul Levitz & Joe Kubert (Detective Comics 500)
Who Haunts This House? by Denny O'Neil, Joe Staton & Frank Chiar…

Red Zeppelin Part II

Courtesy of Tim. Jeez! Keep 'em coming.

We managed to see Red Zeppelin last night - he looked damned impressive at night, flying out over the ocean. Snapped a couple of shots but sadly they just didn't come out.

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