A Note To Brisbane Record Stores

Just a short note mind you. The image you're seeing is the cover of a DVD titled 'The Song Remains The Same' by a band called Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are one of the best known and most influential hard rock/heavy metals bands to emerge in the last 40 years. Everyone knows them, if only to puke when Stairway To Heaven comes on the radio. Everyone, that is, but anyone that works in a record store in Queensland.

Today I went in search of the deluxe version of this very DVD. Every store I entered, be it Sanity, Virgin or any number of stores both large and small, gave me vacant stares when I asked about this DVD. In Sanity, in EVERY Sanity store I went to the staffers, nubile young things with funny looking hair, disinterested looks and piercings, all asked who this band were and then denied any knowledge of both the band or the DVD. One lad even insisted that Sanity don't stock anything by Led Zeppelin. I didn't have the heart to tell him to turn around and pass me a copy of Mothership, of which he had a shelf full in eye sight.

So, record stores, hiring cute young girls with large breasts and virile young men with that dopey look that apparently the young girls like might get the youth of the day in store, but it'd not go astray to hire some people who know something about music that's more than two years old. I did manage to convince one dolt that U2's 3 disc re-release of The Joshua Tree was their new album. Once it arrives he said he'll be taking it home as he's a huge U2 fan and loves getting their new albums. A small victory, but hollow really.

Oh, and none of the shops I visited had either the new Song Remains The Same DVD or the Joshua Tree Anniversary Edition. Oh well, there's always places on-line to get them, so much for supporting your local store. I'd love to support them, if only they knew what I was asking for.


Darrel said…
You were two weeks early - both are released on 5/12 in Aust.
Danny said…
That as it may be - and frankly I was going on the release dates that the respective bands had announced on their web-sites - it still doesn't excuse the fact that not one record shop (and these were major chains mind you) that I went into had ever heard of Led Zeppelin. Not one. Including the one where they had posters and racks of Mothership in front of them. All the staff members I spoke to told me outright, "Sorry, never heard of Led Zeppelin. Are they a new band?" I guess in a way they are.

I could understand if if I were asking for an album by an obscure '70s metal band, but Zeppelin account for about 20% of Warners total sales in this country. Go figure.

Add to that that roughly three out of four staff also hadn't heard of either U2 or the album The Joshua Tree. But that's the world today - surface glitter over substance. Stores would rather hire big tittie young girls and good looking lads over anyone who might actually know the product. Sad really.

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