Gredown, Atlas & Seaboard: The Unpublished Bog Beast

I've covered the Atlas/Seaboard connection with Gredown previously in at least two blog entries because, frankly, it interests me no end. However it wasn't until Spiros Xenos contacted me with the details of a previously unpublished Walter Simonson story that I gave any thought to there being something more to these releases. Since that time I've gone through and indexed a pile of Gredowns in the hopes of uncovering more of these unpublished Atlas era stories. I've always felt that an Atlas story would surface before something from Skywald but until all the material has been waded through we'll never know for sure. I'm very sure that I've uncovered at least two to three unpublished Peter Hypnos stories that should have appeared in various Warren Magazines. You can imagine how I felt when I discovered what I believe to be a previously unpublished Atlas 'Bog Beast' story, as drawn by Badia Romero and I presume written by Gabriel Levy.

The story, titled 'The Sun-Spawn Stalks', is thought to have originally been slated for issue #4 of Tales Of Evil but as the title had finished after issue #3 it was shelved, until it was sold with other inventory stock and eventually turned up in the Australian Gredown book, Fearful Spectres.

Bog Beast appeared in three stories in the original Atlas/Seaboard titles, Tales Of Evil #2, Tales Of Evil #3 and Weird Tales of the Macabre #2. All three stories can be found in Australian Gredowns, The Brute has the story The Fifty Dollar Body (John Albano & Jack Sparling - Tales Of Evil #2) and the title you're looking at above has the following stories:
The Bog Beast (Gabe Levy & Badia Romero - Weird Tales Of The Macabre #2)
Vampire Killer Still At Large (Gabe Levy & Badia Romero - Tales of Evil #3)
The Sun-Spawn Stalks (Gabe Levy(?) & Badia Romero) - unpublished by Atlas.

What we now have is a genuine gem of a story, unpublished and I'm sure that a lot of people will be seeing this for the first ever time. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Fascinating stuff indeed! A true Aussie 'original'.

I think I've found something new to start collecting. I've always loved the Swamp/Man/Bog-thing genre. The artwork reminds me of a cross between Richard Corben and Steve Bissette. Look forward to seeing more blogs in this series. And some more original Aussie prints maybe?

Robert Thomas
Matthew Lowes said…
Interesting. I have an original page from the Weird Tales of Macabre #2 I think. I was trying to do some research to find out something about it and came across this. The art work is instantly recognizable. Thanks for posting.

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