Superman On Parade

The email arrived late in the week. It came from a close pal who lives overseas and was simple and to the point: "You still alive, dude?" I responded in the positive.

It's been a hellish month, this October. We decided at the last minute to uproot and move house and normally when I do these types of things I work on the last minute principal - strike hard and fast and just get it over and done with. It's worked in the past. For some insane reason this time we planned stuff out. In the first week of October we began to pack things into boxes and I proceeded to bring them all downstairs and store them in the carport. Along the way I found some amazing little gems that I'd forgotten I had, that was good. I also managed to fill the bins to overflowing at least ever second day, just crap that you manage to gather along the way. All was good except that this was heavy work and I did the bulk of it. No biggie, supposedly I am the man of the house (subject to appeal from Klerqy).

Then the big weekend came - not day, but weekend. We began moving things over on the Thursday evening and come early Friday morning we rented a large van to move all the boxes. That was all good however as no-one was handy to help - it was a Friday after all - I moved virtually the entire contents of our house alone. The other half pitched in and helped where she could, but was amazed at how heavy these boxes were. It was hard, physical work. Three trips later I'd moved all I could move.

The Saturday saw the removalists come in to lift the really heavy stuff, along with Chadwick. When it comes to moving Chad is the guy you want. He's the Energizer Bunny. You wind him up and set him loose. He'll fade out eventually, but he'll get the job done. Much like Bender if you pour beer down his neck he gets a second life. All went well and the bulk of the move was done. Now all that was left was the unpacking? My arse!

The rest of that week saw us going back and forth, moving more and more boxes as we went. We finished that by last weekend and almost managed to brain Chad in the process with a runaway wardrobe. That left this week just gone. The cleaning had to be done, luckily for me the other half took care of the bulk of it. By Wednesday myself and the Klaw were also cleaning, I was still moving and re-arranging the new place. All's good?

Nope. You see in the meantime I'd decided to help out at the day job by going full time for four weeks. So I dragged my butt into the office on Friday to have my boss ask how I was. I told her the truth: "I feel like I've been hit by a bus that just keeps coming back for more." She laughed and said I wasn't used to working five days a week. I replied, "That's not the problem. I'm not used to coming in here at 8:30am, leaving here at 5:10pm, getting home, leaving there at 6:00pm and not getting back until 8:30pm because we're cleaning and moving." She saw the logic in that and gave me more work to do. This weekend saw me install some shelving in the carport here but today, well, no. I woke up to find I'd lost an hour of the day due to daylight savings so I drove down to the Treloar book sale (went yesterday as well - BARGAINS!!), came home and looked at what needed to be done here and promptly went back to bed for three and half hours of much needed sleep. Next time I move I'm going to hire a pack of monkeys to finish the job, book into a hotel in Brisbane and come back when the dust has settled. It'll be easier that way.

In summary, I'm not dead and I will get around to all of those emails very shortly. When you fire one down just remember, I'm fairly beat right now, but come the end of the week I'll be almost on holidays (well earned) and if the US State Department do the right thing we'll be on a plane to New York. If they don't then we'll be on a plane early in '08. All's good. I'm damn happy that today was a nice, relaxing day.

Now, this little bugger. I picked this up in a pile of Parade magazines. I'm well aware that the Australian version of Parade was totally different to the USA version and I can't help but wonder if this one is exclusive to our market. I cannot, for the life of me, place the artist though. The Superman figure itself screams Neal Adams, but the villain looks horrid.

The contents? The usual fodder of the time surrounding the Superman movie, the cost and Marlon Brando, but interestingly enough people like Joe Shuster and Sol Harrison are also quoted, and mention is made about how DC sold the rights for the character for $3,000,000 while both Siegel and Shuster were both working for peanuts and saw nothing. All in all it's not the worst article around and a decent little magazine to have.


Anonymous said…
Hi Danny,

I suspect those images were poorly swiped from a Superman cover, although I'm not certain exactly what issue.

Nick Caputo
Bob Almond said…
That looks like Ernie Chan art to me, Danny (oops, I'm sorry, it's DC art so that would be Ernie Chua).

I've always liked his covers.

Bob Almond

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