The Day After

No, the title isn't a reference to any movies starring John Lithgow or Dennis Quaid, it's the here and now.

Last night...well what a party! It was a small one, just my closest chums and a pile of people I've never met before, and, in some cases, still haven't met (chums of the other half - they helped drink the bar dry) but the words 'open bar' are usually enough to get people in. I was a bit disappointed that a few people didn't turn up, but I guess that says more about them than it does me. One day they'll tell me what I've done that's so wrong. Photos were taken and as I copy them across I'll post them, but for now as I'm in a hotel room in the city (not that horrid place that we used to stay in, this place is more than decent, excellent views, great room and brilliant service) I'm a bit limited as to what I can do with this. Having said that, let's have a peek!

This is how we looked upon arrival. It was an '80s themed party so naturally I wore two items of clothing that I never wore back then - leather pants and a 'Choose Life' shirt. Damn those pants felt good...

This is one of the group shots that we took once I opened the last of the presents. In this photo you'll find Chad and his delightful little kitten Steph, the good Doctor and Mrs Good Doctor, Peter, Veronica, Michael and Melissa from the finest store in Adelaide, Tobias and my wonderful other half. I'm holding the highpoint of the evening - a birthday card designed, drawn and coloured by Alan Weiss, personalised by his wonderful wife Pauline, and signed by Alan, Pauline, Alan Kupperberg and a pile of my pals. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I opened this one up and saw it. All of these buggers were in on this surprise and, to their credit, they all managed to keep me well in the dark.

There'll be far more photos than I can ever put up here, and more memories that'll remain forever. All I can say is guys, you're the greatest. And to everyone that has emailed me, sent me a phone message, or just sent greetings any other way, thanks more than I can say. This has been the best birthday that I've had since, well, the day I was born!


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