Damn, I'm Handsome, I'm Klerqy!

Well knacker me sideways. It seems that more and more women are asking for Klerqy's little black paw in marriage on MySpace, including one girl who looks suspiciously like Sarah Michelle Gellar, although, if it is her, she's using an alias. Just to keep those girls keen I've put some more photos of the now Legendary Klerqy up here for all of those fine women to see. Bear in mind he's a picky cat, give him fish and he'll give you some fast claw action. He also likes licking his back and has been trying very hard to lick the back of his own head. One day he'll make it.

This is how both Klerqy and Merlin spend their days - curled up, paw in paw, asleep on the bed. This is the view you girls will get when you wake up and see Klerqy. You can see the look of utter amusement on Merlin's face, probably because straight after Klerqy wakes up he generally smacks Merlin in the head, resulting in a fight which, more times than not, Merlin wins easily.

This is as noble looking as Klerqy can get. Usually he comes barrelling down the stairs, trips, falls down a bit, rolls and comes up licking his own private parts.

You betcha I'm impressed. However it took me nearly an hour to get this one shot. Klerq doesn't pose, the camera has to be fast enough to capture him, not vice versa.

Klerq on the prowl. When he wants food (read constantly), when he wants to claw you by surprise (read constantly - usually it ties into the food aspect) or when he's just being a stalking Klerqy this is what you'll see. In fact when you wake up you'll find this, dead centre on your chest, looking back at you, pointy head and all.

Get in there girls, he's still single!!


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