Incredible: Dating A Cat

As anyone who reads my stuff here on any kind of a regular basis knows this photo is of our latest addition, the pointed headed black cat with the variety of names (the latest being 'Prickle', because he has a head shaped like a three cornered jack). Good ole DeKlerq, for that is his name, is also the image I use on the My (Waste Of) Space page instead of my own face. Now we like the cat but in this photo he's ugly. He's manic. He has an eye infection and he's hissing. And he's in a frying pan.

However girls clearly find him to be irresistible! Today I got notification that I had an email waiting for me at said site, I logged in and found an email waiting, inviting me to visit another site so I could be set up to lose what little money I have left. Amongst the ranting and ravings and invites of sex this line grabbed me: "So um, my name is Deanna. I think you and I should probably be friends, because you seem pretty cool, and maybe even cute! (it's everso hard to tell in this digital world :) " Cool? I doubt it, but cute? This 'female' (I use the term lightly because even the photo was of something I'd normally associate with a moose) finds ole Klerqy to be cute.

God help us all when the spammers decide to zero in on a Cat On A Hot Teflon Pan. She can be his pal, but he has to be back inside before 5pm or he doesn't get fed, and when he doesn't get fed he generally gets cranky. But hey - he'll be 1 year old soon, so perhaps Deanna The Moose and can take Klerqy The Cat out for dinner and a show?

God love the spammers. Now and then they make me chuckle.


Anonymous said…
You're obviously wasting time having a MySpace page - start one up for the cat instead.
Danny said…
I'm so tempted it's not funny. Klerqy could have his own page - I'll do it tonight.

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