Comic Professionals As Sex Objects: The Femme Fatale

Whoosh! May it never end. This just arrived this morning from the on-line pen of The Former DC Staffer. I'll let people work out who's who in this little message. I swear the more I learn about the comic book industry the less I'm surprised. Next it'll be an artist who claims that he once murdered someone and got away with it, oh, hang on, yes, I have heard that one as well...

Recently my good friend Daniel has been writing some blistering material about Classic Artists. But that’s not what grabbed me. What got my attention was the Femme Fatale!

At a time when there were very few sexy women in comics she was the industry’s Catherine Zeta-Jones. Every man she encountered fell under her spell, no one was immune and if they say they were then they’re liars. It wasn’t that she was beautiful; it was how she carried herself and projected her image. It was part confidence and part animal magnetism. I was captivated and dreamed (!) of her every fucking night for weeks until the truth came out about her and my best friend at the time.

Look I value friendship highly. If I catch you in a lie I might let it pass but when those lies mount up don’t be surprised if I stop returning your calls. It was like that with my friend. He tells me one day that he’s on his way back to Texas to pick up the FF and help get her a job at DC Comics. Only thing he neglected to tell me was that he was involved with her! The secret never did come out to my knowledge and as I was led to believe the two of them shared many a quiet rendezvous together, but that didn’t explain why I saw her kissing Mike Zeck in the hallways of DC! Needless to say I spent many evenings in bars with my friend trying to console him. He was so under her spell that he let several wonderful women slip by without a care.

I watched this woman shake her ass at every man (from editor to copy boy) and cast her spell of absolute SEX (the concept not the act) on each of them. Am I saying she wasn’t qualified to be working in the industry? No, I leave that to history to judge that. Like I said I was a victim too and even years later when I ran into her at Marvel I stammered like a fool in front of her. Her effect is bewitching.

Reading these encounters with her are really a riot because I guarantee that each and every one of the buyers wouldn’t be able to challenge her face to face. That’s impossible. The image of her as a vampire isn’t just coincidence. I have the marks to prove it.


PS: You really didn’t think it was all about comics did you?


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