Carbon Footprint

Bob Geldof is totally right. I'll still be doing my bit for the environment in this might cause to help Al Gore get elected to something (and let's not forget that his wife spearheaded the campaign to eliminate the music of the likes of Frank Zappa from the globe, not that it worked) by reducing my carbon footprints for the day. How? Easy - I'll turn the TV off. I urge everyone else to do the same. Save the planet - reduce your carbon emissions, don't watch this over hyped crap.

As if the world needs to be told about the harm that private jets, huge outdoor concert events and limos do to the environment by the very same people who think that by appearing in such concerts and having an assistant place a plastic Coke bottle in the right bin every so often they're 'doing their bit'. I'm happier with those who aren't going to appear - they're the ones really doing the right thing. This is just another shameless exercise in self promotion by a washed up politician and a few pop stars (why doesn't it surprise me that Madonna has 'written' a new song for the day? I wonder what Abba tune she's stolen this time? I wonder if she's forgiven Tipper for trying to ban her back in the mid '80s? I wonder what'd happen if Maddy sings 'Dress You Up', as that was on Tip's original 'Filthy Fifteen' list of songs to banned?). Call me negative, call me cynical, call me whatever you want. I'm with Geldof on this one. It's a waste of time, and more importantly, it's a colossal waste of precious energy. It's also an idea devoid of any sense of originality. Even the title, Live Earth, is misleading and is clearly attempting to piggy back onto the goodwill that Geldof created with the original Live Aid and then Live8 concerts, but then that's American politicians for you - why think of something new when you can steal an idea from another? There's no clear cut goal on this, and I can't help but wondering how many of the acts on the bills have either tours about to happen, or albums just out, or just to be released. I'd hazard a guess and say more than a few.

Indeed it'd be far more interesting to discover how many people won't play these shows due to who's organising it, or, more to the point, who he's married to.


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