Short Rant

This weekend has found us at the Giant CD, Record and Comic Book Fair at Wayville. Normally it's a damn good time for us as we're able to connect with people, sell some stock and buy even more, but the last few times have been woeful in every category. It's a three day event, however for the last two years we've cut that down to doing only two days - seriously it's not worth it to sit there for half a day on the Monday only to sell about five comic books, even if it's free. I'd much rather be at home.

Part of the problem is that the organisers removed the part about comic books from their advertising about a year ago. That means that effectively no-one knows that we're there. The fair is complemented by a major toy fair in another hall, there's comics there but not in any great number. Sad really as all you hear are people moaning about the lack of such events, but when they're on no-one turns up. Then it's always, "Oh, I had something else to do that weekend." That's Adelaide. People are happy to snipe about events, say how crap it'll be but never turn up to actually see. They'll scream about the city not getting decent events, but they won't support those events when they do turn up. Then the complaint will be that other cities get the good stuff. Well stop whining then. As it stands we do better in Melbourne, it's a fun trip for us, we see more people and buy more stock, so the plan is to stop doing these such events here in Adelaide, barring this one (if time and scheduling permits) and just concentrate on Melbourne twice a year. We've done well here so far, buying wise (selling has been a bust, but there you go) and I guess the lack of any serious buyers has meant that there's more there for me and a few others.

What Adelaide needs is a decent comic book convention. Once every two years, linked in with an event like the Fringe or the Festival Of Arts, such an event would be a sure fire winner. However it'd take someone with deeper pockets than mine to plan such an event, I'd be willing to draw upon contacts to get people here, both professional and otherwise, but seriously I don't see it happening. It's one of those maddening situations where, even though no-one has ran such an event, people will tell you that it'd be a failure and no-one will attend. Chicken and egg time really. Now's the time to strike and I think I'm going to speak to a few people in the coming weeks and see what needs to be done to get a proper convention off the ground here in downtown Adelaide.

In the meantime, if you're near Wayville today (Sunday) then pop in and say hello. You don't need to buy anything, in fact it'll be better if you don't. Have a look around though, you never know what you might find; for me it was about 10 DVDs that I didn't already have, a Sergio Leonie biography and a box of Australian horror comics - with near complete runs of Vampirella and Creepy. This'll be the only fair we attend here in Adelaide this year, so once it's done then so are we until 2008, barring another trip to Melbourne.

End rant.


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