Free Comic Book Day & Triple J

The more astute readers of this blog will have twigged that it was indeed me who spoke on Triple J's Top Shelf Radio program yesterday afternoon. They contacted me and asked me to chat about Free Comic Book Day, which is today, and I was more than happy to do so although I think it slipped under everyone's radar, thankfully. It was good to know that a national broadcaster with a large listening audience would give time over to such an event and although the spot only lasted for a few minutes, we managed to touch on some of the problems that local creators face when it comes to getting product out there.

I'll be popping along to the Adelaide Comics Centre this morning but I'll be in disguise, so look out for a six foot four walking carpet. Chadwick and Steph will also be there, also in disguise and there'll be photos to follow on their own site, hopefully later today or early tomorrow. They've also got face painters for the kiddies plus balloons and although I can't say much I will say this - if you're a regular today is the day to get in there for a genuine bargain (trust me on this, if you miss it then you'll kick yourself when you find out what it was). I'm not sure what the other stores in Adelaide are doing but I'm sure that there'll be something going on somewhere. Pulp Fiction Comics have a banner announcing the event but no details of if they're doing something, hopefully they will. This is a great opportunity for stores to get people back in, no matter how cool they think they might be.

In the meantime you can download a podcast of yesterday's three minutes of (in)fame here. Mind you if someone can point me towards the software I need to actually listen to the podcast then I'd appreciate it highly, either that or just rip me an MP3 of the relevant section so I can get a better quality copy of it. It was great to be on it and even better that I could get a partial message across to the many Australian comic book creators out there.


--steve cohen said…
Uh Huh!!!
I finally get to see a picture of my pal Danny and his face is under a wookie mask!!!

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