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This email found it's way to me just yesterday...Claypool has always been one of the better publishers out there and they're more than deserving of support.

Hello to all:

As many of you may know, several months ago, Diamond Distribution elected to stop carrying our line of Claypool Comics ("Elvira® Mistress of the Dark," "Soulsearchers and Company," and "Deadbeats"). Since Diamond is the only game in town for getting product to comics retail outlets, that effectively ended our publishing operation.

However, I'm pleased to announce the launch of the new, improved Claypool website which debuted yesterday. Through it, anyone can sample our published product, buy back issues, contact any of the creators who've worked for us through the years (who sent in an entry on the "Creators" page), explore various options for commissions, and--maybe most importantly--follow the online continuation of the "Deadbeats" series.

Taking off directly from the final moments of the last published issue (#82), the progress of Comics' Longest-Running Vampire Epic presses forward, past the moment in which most of Mystic Grove was destroyed and turned into a place of sorrow and horror. The series' hero, Kirby Collier, was mysteriously spared in the conflict, and he returns to his town to see what--if anything--he can do to make things right.

Script and pencils by me, Richard Howell, and embellishing by the great Ricardo Villagran.

There'll be new installments of the online "Deadbeats" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For anyone who's ever missed following any of the newspaper adventure strips of yesteryear, this'll be a blast from the past; for anyone who'd like the opportunity to sample the series--which always attracted our most dedicated fans--it's online, it's ongoing, and (for now, at least) it's free.

Thanks for your time, and I hope that many of you check it out.

Richard Howell


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