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Well it's been a busy few weeks to use an understatement. We've managed to have one relaxing weekend to ourselves since the start of February and I doubt that's going to change anytime soon. Still, life goes on.

So what has been happening? Well for those keeping score, this week has seen the following:
Vinnie Colletta vintage interview, full of great stuff, transcribed. Not sure when or where this interview will appear because I transcribed it for a pal, but it's dynamite to say the least and will upset a few people when it does see the light of day. I'm not even allowed to talk about the content in any definite terms, but...well....
Alan Kupperberg 'What If?' interview, full of great stuff, finally transcribed. Expect that to appear very soon on both this blog and on Alan's site.
Newtons. I picked up two decent sized boxes of Australian comics and found five Newtons I didn't have. Cross them off the list! At last count I think I need about twenty odd comics to finally have the company's entire output. Same boxes saw me take steps closer to finishing two other runs as well, so I'm happy.
Jim Mooney. His Yahoo group is still active if anyone wants to join. Can't say too much just yet but there is a manuscript with a publisher and things will be announced very soon.
Ron Wilson. The transcript of my interview with Ron is almost finished and will be up very soon, as will the transcript of the interview with Paul Neary. Both men are class acts so keep an eye out for them.
Norm Breyfogle. Expect some big news very soon. This'll make a lot of people very happy.
The Jerries. The board of directors has been elected, again a more official announcement will surely follow. I can say this, I didn't make the final cut, but then I didn't even vote for me.
Day job. I've been offered a permanent position with them, five days a fortnight. As it's a Government job if I accept (and I will) then I'll be there until I decide to leave. Job security is a damn good thing.
I'm also trying to make the Dynamic Duo site look purty. I'm not involved with these guys but I just like to help out where I can, and they are damn good pals.

And there's more. This is an average week for me only there's a lot more that I can't talk about or have just missed. Yesterday I ended up having to give up working becausde my eyes felt like they were going to explode, and that includes me taking time out each and every day (unless it's important I refuse to work after 6pm) to just stop dead in my tracks. We've got a few irons in fires around the place and seriously, expect some rather major announcements to come.

In the meantime, I doubt that the event we had planned for Saturday will happen. We'll still do something though, so if you were coming then it's up to you, but I doubt we'll be able to fire up the ole BBQ with the rain that's settled in.

Now is it just me or is this years cricket World Cup just the most uninspiring, boring event of it's kind ever held? Games that are days and days apart, Bob Woolmer being murdered, players like Lara and Fleming retiring, Chappell being sacked, sorry, quitting...I just can't watch it. Sadly this World Cup will long be remembered for what went on off the ground than anything that happens on it. It's well past time that the entire format get reviewed and re-set...but then a sporting organisation that allows a coach of a side to be murdered and imposes absolutely no sanctions on the side itself shows how spineless the ICC really is. After all, don't fool yourself, the ICC is really ruled by the sub-continent sides, they pull the strings and they'll continue to do so. Perhaps it'll take more coaches and players to be killed before they actually act.

Who knows?


Anonymous said…
I've been a bit out of the loop, comic shop-wise...is that Dynamic Duo shop the one formerly run by that Tony fellow?
Danny said…
Yep, that's the one. Tony sold up earlier this year - the new owners are pretty decent people with a lot of knowledge and excellent customer service.

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