Norm Breyfogle & Jack White

I'd have preferred Jack Black, but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Instead we got Jack White's part time spin off band, The Raconteurs.

This is the second painting in Norm's Mojo series that I'm going to post (the other two will follow in the coming days, or day perhaps) and as with the Dylan painting, this is as good as the band have looked, in my eyes. The band do feature Jack White, of the White Stripes, and as such they came with a built in audience. Still, and it might just be me, but I'd love to see Jack White and Jack Black do something, just for the amusement value alone.

The prelim art for this painting differs from the final result, but all the detail is there and clearly the decision to make the image different was done in the mock-up stage (which I'll also be posting and commenting upon). Some of the changes were subtle, some very radical. Either way both images work. I do like this piece, but not as much as the Dylan image, but then that shouldn't come as a surprise as I do like Dylan, I just wasn't gripped by his concert.

Now for those who are wondering what Norm is doing these days then wonder no more. He's busy at work on a book titled, 'The Dangers Dozen' for publisher First Salvo. When asked just yesterday as to what he's up to on his forum, Norm replied as such, "I'm presently illustrating three CD cover-inserts for the band 12 Stone Toddler, a book cover for Random House, an illustration for my local university, and a full page illustration for Men's Fitness magazine. After these, I'll be making myself unavailable for illos for a while so I can keep up with my commitment to First Salvo's The Danger's Dozen." Norm wasn't able to share the title of the book, but assured everyone that it wasn't Harry Potter and The Drugs Of Bliss.

Damn! Still you can read more by following the links or by visiting Norm's Forum and asking the guy yourself. I'll post the remaining two paintings very soon and the end result complete with layouts.


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