Norm Breyfogle: The Danger's Dozen

I've written about Norm and First Salvo previously on this blog, more than once. In fact I'm sure I'll write about both of them in years to come - why? Because both ooze talent and ability beyond description.

I first became aware of Norm working at First Salvo when publisher Thad Branco first approached me with some advice of how to make Norm's forum all the better. Since then we've become strong pals and stronger allies. In one of my deepest depressive moments Thad not only made light of what I was going through (but not in a dismissive or insulting manner), but also extended a hand by having me interview Norm about First Salvo for use in a future compilation of The Danger's Dozen. That was a bloody decent thing to do Thad. For that alone he'll always have my support and gratitude, let alone what he's given us all in using talents like Norm, Ron Frenz, Sal Velluto, Bob Almond and more names that I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention just yet.

The images you're seeing here are Norm's original art and the coloured art (by the stunning Gabe Eltaeb) for The Danger's Dozen #1, due out later this year.

Enough from me, now over to Mike Cross, another of Norm's regulars on the forums.

Norm Breyfogle's art goes beyond Batman.

Yes, to those that know his work, it compares with the greatest Batman artists, like Adams and Aparo, which is my top three, pick your order. They all have the great Batman vibe. Problem with many "hot" Batman artists, once they leave a character, they don't get followed. Norm's following shows that even smaller projects or lesser characters all have that great vibe. Can artists sell books? Sure, 100 % sure. Can artists always have the storytelling aspect? Not always. Norm does...I can instantly pick up a book and know that Norm has worked on it, but the FEEL, the FLOW of the art. The hot guys right now, I can't always do that and that's a detriment. Even when it's a small press book, I know that the level of professionalism Norm imbues in his work will shine through.

Why the big companies cannot see that is their own fault I suppose. All the better for First Salvo. This is the first book in a long time I'm really looking forward to. That tells me a lot.


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