Norm Breyfogle: Batman #471

More Norm Breyfogle for Norm Month! Isn't that cover a stunner? You might want to click upon it to get a bigger, and as such better, view of the art.

It's hard to talk about Norm and not mention his Batman work. Batman is the character that Norm will always be identified with, even if he hasn't drawn the book for nearly a decade now, and is doing some incredible work away from both Marvel and DC. Still, rather than reading what I have to say I thought I'd turn this over to a pal of both Norm and me, George, who recently posted these comments on Norm's Forum:

"To me, Batman became as popular as he did for four equally important reasons:

1) The Release of The Dark Knight Returns
2) The Batman Movies (with Michael Keaton and Tim Burton)
3) The Batman Animated Series
4) Norm Breyfogle

"Each of them would have been equally successful without the others being released, but combined they created the mega popular Batman we have today.

"Batman was always a great character, but when people talked about their favorite heroes, it was always Superman or Spider-Man, etc. Batman became the MAIN MAN once those four factors came about.

"Norm helped usher in an exciting and powerful era for Batman. He was there when it all began. Just read ACABs interview with Norm and Alan Grant and see how the sales number changed in monthly books sold in the time Norm spent on the character.

"When I picture certain characters, I picture them drawn by certain artists. For example, when I think of Swamp Thing, I think of Bernie Wrightson. Conan is Ernie Chan. For me, and for several other fans of the character, Batman will always look like Norms sharply drawn Batman.

"Coincidently, my favorite DC comic book of all time is The Spectre and my favorite run of the Spectre is Volume III, drawn by Norm Breyfogle. His success has stretched well past Batman and I look forward to his wonderful work on The Danger's Dozen. I can't wait to reserve my copy of issue #1!!!!"


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