More Vinnie (But Not How You Might Think)

"Wanna buy a Porsche?"

Just to lighten the mood a little, here's a sequence from Amazing Spider-Man #286 featuring our man of the hour, Vinnie Colletta. Written by Jim Owsley (aka Christopher Priest), edited by Jim Salicrup, penciled by Alan (Might As Well Be Jim) Kupperberg and inked by Jim Fern.

Funny little sequence isn't it? I've always been amused to discover these little touches in comic books - one of my all time favourites was Jim Mooney inserting himself into an issue of Spectacular Spider-Man as one of Peter Parker's college professors, but the all time kings of such actions would be John Byrne and Dave Cockrum, who frequently inserted themselves and other Marvel staffers into various Marvel titles in the '70s.

Still if anyone else has Vinnie, or any other comic professional drawn into a comic book then by all means let me know where and we'll throw 'em all up onto the site.


Dan Coyle said…
During Assistant Editor's Month, there were several books where the assitant editor of the title wound up interacting with the hero. Ann Nocenti got a visit from... The Incredible Hulk! Dazzler teams up with Ralph Macchio while Bob Harras takes over Marvel comics! Jim Shooter dreams up an issue of Marvel Team-Up!

In that Priest thing you linked to earlier, he mentions the Aloysius P. Jamesley character in Thor- written by Tom DeFalco after Shooter's ouster- was "a mean-spirited Tuckerization." I think on another part of the site he claims APJ was all in fun, though. I dunno.

John Lewandowski was, IIRC, some Marvel marketing guy that got cast as a recurring character in Ghost Rider.

I don't think anyone's seen the Donnie Finkelberg charcter from Transformers and Danny Fingeroth in the same room together, have they?
Anonymous said…
Vinnie the great in a Spider Man Comic! How did I miss this one? Classic Colletta!!!

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