The Fur Flies

We were given a new cat on the weekend - some people bring food, nibbles or booze to a BBQ, the Doc and Mrs Doc brought a cat instead. Go figure. Since I originally posted this we've settled on his name: I'll be calling him F.W. after a cat I had as a youth and everyone else will be calling him 'Fidget' because he just can't sit still. Trust me on this, and yes the initials do stand for what you're thinking

The photo you see here is an actual action shot of ole F.W. Last night the Kidlet told us that she'd just walked into the kitchen to find F.W. in the frying pan. I thought she meant that he was drinking out of the sink, so in I walked and found this. I grabbed the camera phone, F.W. struck a pose and BANG! There he is. Oddly enough this photo sums him up perfectly - he really is that thick. Nice looking cat though, even if he is all leg, foot and tail.

As one could expect Merlin, the King Of The House, isn't too happy and probably thinks he's being replaced with a younger, skinnier version of himself. I've done my best to reassure him and I think if it comes down to it Merlin will win out - he's four times the cat F.W. is, both physically and mentally.

You do the math on that. Merlin is a handsome cat though and that counts for a lot.


FoilWoman said…
And there I was thinking you were naming the cat after me. Sigh.

It's a lovely feline, although the old F.W. has the nice solid British Shorthair look about him (or as Innana and I say: "A fine figure of a cat. The figure zero.").

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