Be It Ever So Humble...

...there's still no place like home.

The road trip is over. In nine days we visited three states and flew over at least another two. We've arrived home, exhausted. It's alright for the other half, she can have a few days off, but it's back to the grind of the day job for the next three days at least for me, dammit!

Funny thing happened at Brisbane airport though. I did the usual take the belt off, strip down, get the laptop out etc etc and pass through the metal detectors all the time hoping and praying that nothing would beep. Got through fine and then spent another 10 minutes gathering everything back up, putting clothes back on and making sure nothing was missing, all the time listening to a guy next to me in a cowboy hat. According to him the reason we have such measures is due to the 'f&cking Arabs' who've made life hell. I mentioned that John Howard was the one who's put these measures in place only to have him come back with, "Yeah, but it's the f&cking Arabs that have made him do it." Seeing I'd get no sense out of him I wandered off.

I turned around to see him being taken aside by the security for a full body search and a bomb check - those lovely checks where they see if you have any explosive residue on your body and to ask if you're a terrorist. All I could hear was more loud voices complaining about the 'f&cking Arabs' that made them do that to him. All the time I was thinking it's a good thing they didn't X-Ray my own luggage (not the take on board type, the standard check in, get thrown about by a baggage monkey type) as it contained one high powered slingshot and two wooden rubber band guns.

Arabs indeed...


Chade said…
Sounds like a great trip. Can't wait to see the photo's. We having a drink on Thursday night?

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