The Trip: Day Three & Four

I had no time at all to write this entry last night as I was just too shagged out. I did write an entry this morning but it appears to have vanished somewhere into the on-line breeze.


It ended up being a good show. We sold a few things, not as much as expected, but that was due to the show being about 3/4 as large as it usually is. Odd really, especially when you consider that there hasn't been one of this magnitude at the venue since August last year and there won't be another for a few months to come, but happens I guess. So what were the highlights? Catching up with a few pals and meeting new ones. That's always a highlight for me. In fact one of the reasons I go to the shows is so that I can socialise with chums in Melbourne who never visit Adelaide. All good. I picked up three pages of New Mutants original art by Jackson Guice - that was unexpected as original art hardly never turns up at these shows. We found the complete MASH DVD box set - all 36 discs! Add to that a box of comics, both the four disc Superman and the Donner cut of Superman II and a John Woo box set, well it was a damn good day. I also scored a large number of both UK and Australian comics, expect scans and details to follow in the coming weeks.

All in all it was good day.

Today we cruised in from Horsham. We took our time, stopping off at a cemetery in the middle of nowhere to find the most interesting grave you're ever likely to see - photos to follow. We also visited a place called Serviceton and did an impromptu visit of the railway station there and got the full history...again, expect the photos very shortly. This place will blow your mind.

We're home now and tired beyond words. Time to recharge and regroup before our second leg of the road trip. Yep, we're heading out again on Wednesday. Destination? Can't say just yet.


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