The Trip: Day One

Yeesh! What the hell was that? When we left Adelaide at 9am we were expecting a wet, cold trip as the forcast was for rain all the way. Instead we hit a duststorm at Nhill and stayed firmly within it's grasp until we left Arat around 250 kilometers away. The heat was oppressive (nearly 40 degrees) and both of us are exhausted from the sheer effort that we've had to do to reach this far.

The good news is that we made excellent time as we decided not to stop for a look about as we were planning to. We stopped for fuel and to change over to share the driving (generally we each do about 200ks each and then swap over) and that was it. So we got to Ballarat at about 3:30pm Adelaide time, a trip of about six and a half hours. That's damn good running. So now we're settled in the hotel room, chilled out and watching the World Cup on the PayTV. All's good. The car ran smoothly, again, as expected, and I have all the faith in the world that we'll reach Melbourne tomorrow sometime in the early afternoon.

Highlights...listening to a commuity radio station that was just too damn funny. At one stage the announcer started talking during a song, realised what she was doing and simply said, "Opps," and then let the song continue. Oh, that and me making up new words to a Slim Dusty song that had the other half nearly dying with laughter. Can't share the lyrics, but they went something like this:
"Gonna find me a sheep and I'm gonna f__k it,
Gonna find me a sheep and I'm gonna f__k it
Gonna find me a sheep,
Call it Mary and marry it,
Gonna find me a sheep and I'm gonna f__k it"
And so on. Each verse had a new farm animal in it. Odd thing was that it fit perfectly with Slim's music...

Life's good.


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