Road Trip: Day Six

Brisbane city itself for day six. The day was a lovely one, sun was shining and the wind was blowing slightly, but more importantly there was none of the humidity in the air that usually lingers in these parts. We grabbed my mother and headed into Brisbane to drop off the rental car and also to shop. If only it were that easy.

When we picked the rental car up we asked for a street directory. They gave us a map and said that it'd be easy for us to get back to where we had to drop the car off to. All was good until we actually started to read the map heading into the city. The map was a map of the city, it had no directions at all about how to actually get into the place, so after a few missed turns, some cursing and the like we finally made it in and dropped the car off....only to discover that in all our panic we forgot to refuel the bastard. Great. Still the hire car monkey did say that the map was easy for him to understand. I'd like to put him in Adelaide with a similar map and see how he fares.

We did the rounds of the comic shops in the CBD with mixed results. I eventually ended up buying about 200 odd comics and a handful of books (piles of book discounter stores here - heaven!). The first store we went into was dirt cheap and we eventually went back to spend more. I'm talking 1970s Marvel Comics for$0.50 a pop - just my cup of tea. Heaps of Defenders, a near complete run of Dreadstar and a handful of Dr Strange and assorted piles of junk. As for the other stores...well, let's just say they weren't the most inviting. The second store we visited was dingy and dirty with very limited stock. As we walked in everything stopped, heads turned and they looked at the other half like she was an alien from another world. Think the Comic Store Guy from the Simpsons and you've got the idea. The third shop smelt like a truckstop urinal so the less time spent in there the better.

Off to Woodford today and yeesh, when I finally copy the photos over I'll be having some serious fun and games. Mind you I'm dying for some news from home...Chadwick? Tobias? Stevie? Anyone???


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